Supernatural (S14E13) “Lebanon”

SPN 0767 300x168 - Supernatural (S14E13) "Lebanon"

HAPPY 300TH EPISODE YOU GUYS!!!! We made it! 🙂

Since this is the 300th episode of the series of course I did the review differently. It’s an audio review this go round, so please give me a listen when you can. The Link is below the 2nd image, happy listening & I’ll see you guys on March 7th. 🙂   

(Apologies the weather has changed a bit again…so I do clear my throat a few times. ^_^;  Don’t forget to hit the “Play” button to listen to my review cause it won’t automatically play.)


SPN 0633 300x168 - Supernatural (S14E13) "Lebanon"

Click Me =>>> Supernatural S14E13 Lebanon Review by LazyMe10





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