Chicago PD (S06E13) “Night In Chicago”

It’s the most powerful episode of the season so far that will have you shocked. Here’s a recap!

While on an undercover job to take down drug boss, Gamble,. As Atwater gets close enough with Daryl, Gamble’s relative and who works for him, he gives him a tip about a friend he knows to help with the lost drugs that the Intelligence took down earlier.

But as things were to go smoothly; Atwater and Daryl get pulled over by two Chicago cops. Not only watching this, Voight tells the team to wait. But when the cops got word of a robbery and the suspects were two black males; they go their way to arrest Atwater and Daryl. Atwater tries to explain but when Daryl argues with the officer and gets shot in front of Atwater. Voight comes in and talks with the officers and offers to take the suspect to the station. As Atwater gets into the car, Burgess asked if he was okay and his response was no as it’s just another night in Chicago.

Later, as Voight talks with Kelton about the situation. Kelton was pissed to learn that Atwater was arrested and that he couldn’t tell the cops that he was CPD undercover. But if he would have done that their undercover would have been blown. Not only did this situation puts Atwater in a difficult position to choose a side; that he thinks is best but also carry out the undercover to take down Gamble, for which he did.

As Atwater rewatches the tape from the officer’s camera; Ruzek talks to him and tells that he’s got his back no matter what, even if he doesn’t understand being black. Later on, Atwater meets with Ray Price that offered him dirt that he got on the officer that shot Daryl because it would be the start point for Price to run for Mayor.

After Atwater gave his version of the event, he goes after the officer that shot Daryl, even though he got away scot-free. But that doesn’t mean they are going to be best of friends for that and instead, Atwater takes their beef outside the bar where Atwater kicks his ass and warns him.

“Night In Chicago” was a powerful and intense episode of Chicago PD. It was LaRoyce Hawkins’ best performance of the season so far since the early episode this season. It was, as usual, the classic style of Chicago PD; but then took a turn that got to an intense seriousness but also made my skin crawl as well. As much as I’m okay with what Atwater decision; but it would have interesting to see where would the character go if he took Price’s offer.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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