Manifest (S01E14) “Upgrade”

Manifesters, are you getting excited for the upcoming finale of #Manifest? It would still be nice if NBC would give us the official renewal status (even though it will come as no surprise that Manifest was coming back next fall) #RenewManifest. Monday night, Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) was exposed to the notion that rabid pro-828 sentiment can be just as dangerous as the anti-828 movement that seems to be growing. Jared (J.R. Ramirez) and Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) find out what takes to break the heart of someone that they both love. While Zeke (guest star,  Matt Long) helps Cal (Jack Messina) deal with a calling that the two of them shared.

This review contains some major spoilers for the fourteenth episode of Manifest entitled Upgrade. (as well as some for all other episodes)

#Jachela Fans Rejoice…Or Not

Jared and Mick 300x200 - Manifest (S01E14) “Upgrade”
Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone and J.R. Ramirez as Jared Vasquez

I have to say that one of my least favorite things about Manifest is this tired usage of the “romantic” triangle to propel their storytelling forward. Manifest has always had a double whammy with both Stone siblings having to deal with the fact that their significant others moved on from their “deaths”. However, the Michaela/Jared/Lourdes triangle always felt like something harder to deal with in that that Lourdes (guest star, Victoria Cartagena) has been Michaela’s best friend since they were kids. So it’s not enough for Mick to have lost the love of her life, but she had to lose her best friend as well. While Jared sees this as a way to start over and do things the “right” way, he is ignoring the fact that Lourdes has been there for him in Mick’s absence and her feelings are valid as well. Lourdes has always felt that she was in the shadow of love that Jared and Michaela had and the plane coming back, just hammered those feelings home for her.

Monday night, Lourdes found out that her best friend and husband slept together, leading her to leave Jared as a way to extricate herself from the entire situation. Seeing as they are probably going to be going adding Zeke to this love triangle (love square?) in the coming episodes, it might be a good thing for that to be the case.   

Church of the Returned

Church of the Returned 300x169 - Manifest (S01E14) “Upgrade”
Church of the Returned poster

Ben (Josh Dallas) found out that Adrian (guest star, Jared Grimes), one of the 828 passengers who had been having a hard time putting his life back together had started a church. It was made from the cult of followers that had formed after the return of Flight 828, who believe that the passenger are some kind of saints sent back to be saviors of some kind. Alice (guest star, Grace Rex) one of the parishioners, believed that Saanvi would be able to save the life of her husband, Jacob (guest star, Ben Cole) who was in his final stages of cancer. Alice was so convinced that Saanvi would be able to save Jacob’s life that she kidnapped the doctor in an attempt to get Saanvi’s help. After Saanvi didn’t get back to him, Ben knew that there was something wrong.  He pieced together information that he found out about Adrian’s “church” and was able to save Saanvi before Alice harmed her. 

Saanvi and Jacob 300x200 - Manifest (S01E14) “Upgrade”
Parveen Kaur as Saanvi Bahl and Ben Cole as Jacob Ciccone

While Saanvi was kidnapped she tried to reason with her captor who would not see reason as to what she was able to do for her husband. She talked about the person that was supposed to go with her to Jamaica, something that still affects her as once she was safe she broke down in tears in her office. 

Saanvi2 300x169 - Manifest (S01E14) “Upgrade”
Parveen Kaur as Saanvi Bahl

Later, Ben confronted Adrian about his church and it seemed that Adrian himself didn’t believe that the passengers had any special powers, but it didn’t matter as long as they believed.

Major Threat

The Major (guest star, Elizabeth Marvel) made another appearance Monday night, after Jansen (guest star, Brandon Schrami) sits in on a Church of the Returned meeting he returns to tell her that he saw Ben there as well. He asked her if they should move forward with their plans, but she stated that she wanted to make sure that Cal was indeed their “Holy Grail” before making any moves against them. Though her clear plan is to weaponize the Callings to her own gain.

Wolves At The Door

Zeke and Mick 300x200 - Manifest (S01E14) “Upgrade”
Matt Long as Zeke Landon and Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone

Zeke’s return to the world came with the knowledge that he had no place to go so Michaela insisted that he stay with her until he could get back on his feet again. Later that night, he had a dream, which was quickly turned into being a Calling of a literal wolf at his door.

Wolf 300x169 - Manifest (S01E14) “Upgrade”
A wolf in wolf’s clothing

Meanwhile Grace (Athena Karkanis) and Ben were woke up by Cal having a nightmare what he didn’t want to talk about the next morning. Zeke goes over to the Stone residence and gets Cal to talk about what happened in his dream. Cal confesses to Zeke that he believes that what he draws comes to life so he and Grace set out to prove to him that Cal doesn’t create the future, he just knows it will happen before it does. He shows them the drawing that he did of the wolf, which also shows Michaela in the picture as well.

Zeke and Cal 300x200 - Manifest (S01E14) “Upgrade”
l to r: Matt Long as Zeke Landon and Jack Messina as Cal Stone

At the same time, Michaela is at a crime scene where a man has been submerged in an armored truck for the past four days. As she approaches the truck and opens the door, the man inside lunges for her and the sound he makes is just like the wolf from both Zeke and Cal’s Calling.

Questions for this week:

What it heck is going on with the guy that lunged at Michaela? Are there pockets of the phenomenon happening on different types of environments? First air, then land and now water?

What is it with Saanvi’s lost love? Are they going to show us who this is? Are they going to be someone important to the mythology of the show?

What exactly is the Major trying to find out? I know that there are a lot of theories out there floating around about who she is and what she wants but I’m curious about her too. 

Two more episodes left in the season, what questions are going to be answered and what ones will be left hanging by the end?