S.W.A.T. (S02E14) – “The B-Team”


Episode 14’s main story surrounds the guest stars – NFL LB Jamer Harrison Jr, Willie McGinest and NFL PF HOF Eric Dickerson – who play members of the LAFD for the charity competition vs LAPD.

The episode begins with the LAFD Firefighter Ryan Cook (Willie McGinest) leading their basketball team to a win on the courts of Venice Beach. After some friendly banter with Commander Hicks (Patrick St Esprit), Captain Cortez (Stephanie Sigman), Luca (Kenny Johnson), Chris (Lina Esco), Tan (David Lim) and Deacon (Jay Harrington), LAFD Social Media Manager Marcus King (James Harrison Jr) hypes up arm wrestle with a picture of him and Luca. The Arm Wrestling event is the final event and the most important, as most years it decides the winner. With Luca, with a sore wrist, is the reigning champion and Marcus being the ‘newcomer’, the stage is set for an epic showdown.

SWAT S02E14 NFL 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E14) - "The B-Team"
Episode 14 guest stars former NFL players James Harrison Jr, Willie McGinest and HOF’er Eric Dickerson

The mission portion of the episode begins at a coffee shop. A visibly nervous Jamie Kerrigan meets with Kaito, to discuss the sale of a canister of something clearly important. After the meeting goes sideways, Jamie decides to shoot at Kaito’s (Soji Arai) vehicle causing an accident, in which she was hit by the vehicle. Kaito and his associate Tanaka (Michael Sasaki), an undercover FBI agent, get away while the other associate, Tomo, barricades himself in a nearby music store with 3 hostages. S.W.A.T. rolls in and rescues the hostages while Tomo forces their hand into killing him, moments before he says that it’s always worth it to do something that actually matters. At the hospital, Jamie, an employee of Ketter Labs, lawyers up before Hondo (Shemar Moore) and Deacon can get anything out of her.

SWAT S02E14 URANIUM 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E14) - "The B-Team"
Kairo Nakama gets away with weapons-grade Plutonium, he plans to use on a US Military base in Japan

Going through Tomo’s life, Hondo, Deacon and Cortez end up on the Okinawa Separatist Movement. How the people aren’t happy with the Military base there and the protests against it. Commander Hicks comes in with FBI Special Agent Elle Trask (Tricia Helfer) from Counter-Terrorism and an old flame of Hondo’s. Talking to her they find out that Kaito, the man Jamie met with, is planning to use the Uranium to make a dirty bomb to use on the base in Okinawa. Also, they have a man undercover (Tanaka) who they plan to use to track Kaito who plans to leave via the ports after he gets a detonation device. Hondo and Elle get to talking about the old days and how things were, when Elle gets a massage from Tanaka and they roll out. Raiding the location of Plutonium and Kaito, the team finds nothing but 3 members of the Separatist Movement. But Kaito, Tanaka and the Plutonium got away through tunnels which weren’t on the blueprints. Information they should have had.


SWAT S02E14 RAID 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E14) - "The B-Team"
S.W.A..T’s raid comes up short due to a lack of intel

Confronting Special Agent Trask they soon find out the truth. Trask purposefully altered the blueprints because they it was part of the plan. Trask and the FBI found out that Kaito has a detonation device and during the raid expected Kaito and Tanaka to leave without the Plutonium and lead them to the detonation device. Trask’s boss, Agents Phillips arrives and throws his authority and bureaucracy around. Telling Commander Hicks to follow up on some leads. Leads which have already been checked out. Basically, Phillips brought his own tactical squad and just wants S.W.A.T. out of his way. Phillip’s squad being the A-team, of course. After, Hondo sees Phillips ripping into Trask. Hondo asks if she’s okay and helps her find Kaito another way. They go to a place where Trask and Tanaka agreed on a dead-drop, in case of emergency. Turns out this was where Hondo and Trask used to come to back in the day. Seeing nothing initially Hondo says to check the orders. Finding Tanaka’s order they find out Kaito plans to leave today via plane from Bob Hope International Terminal. With the FBI being an hour out, S.W.A.T. rolls out.

SWAT S02E14 B TEAM 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E14) - "The B-Team"
Agent Phillips arrives and demotes S.W.A.T. to ‘The B-team’

At the airport, they all look for Kaito’s contact – Kurata Fujita. They see him and move on him and another associate of Kaito’s. Seeing the fresh bruises on this guys knuckles, they retrace his steps and find Tanaka handcuffed to the bathroom. With Kaito on the plane and unaware of their presence, they decide to deceive him into thinking all is fine. Chris and Street (Alex Russell) pose as a married couple arriving late to the plane. Arguing loudly to draw his attention from his phone. Distracted, Hondo and Luca take him down successfully. After successfully preventing an attack, Phillips and his team arrive. They arrive at the scene of a completed mission. Followed with Cortez’s remarks, “Not bad for the B-Team, huh.” Phillips smirks.

SWAT S02E14 NOT BAD 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E14) - "The B-Team"
“Not bad for the B-Team, huh”

Throughout this mission, LAFD and LAPD tied the score at 2 apiece. Leaving it all on Luca and former NFL player James Harrison’s shoulders. Luca battling a wrist injury, went against Tan and Hicks’ advice and got ‘Shi-Shi’ done to make it all better. Luca was facing a massive task, Marcus King. Marcus King, aka James Harrison, NFL Linebacker, Superbowl Champ and during his playing days, regarded as one of the strongest players in the NFL. The match was set to be a massive showdown.

SWAT S02E14 ARM WRESTLE 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E14) - "The B-Team"
NFL vs LAPD. The arm wrestle to decide the winner… LAFD or LAPD

A tough match. Marcus holding strong against the pull of Luca, but visible strain could be seen on his face. After a few strong pulls, Luca beats Marcus King and LAPD take home the trophy. Champions once again. We all knew the LAPD would win, but maybe, just maybe, LAFD could have won. You never know… Also, side note, Deacon and Annie asked Chris to be their new baby’s Godmother and let her throw the baby shower. And Elle left without saying goodbye but sent Hondo an all too familiar text. The text which included the same things he said to her when he broke up with her over the phone.

SWAT S02E14 CHAMPIONS 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E14) - "The B-Team"
LAPD are champions once again

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