Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E05) “A Tale Of Two Bandits”

Has Doug Judy struck again? Will the Nine-Nine lose their bar that’s been part of their lives for so long? Here’s a recap!

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Terry confronts Jake that the Pontiac Bandit has struck again; believes that Doug Judy is back at his old game. But Jake doesn’t believe that; but when Terry called Doug’s mother, they learn that Doug Judy is dead. They go to the funeral and as Jake sings a sweet tribute song about Doug; he sees him across the hall and confronts him about it. Doug tells Jake and Terry that he’s been targetted because of a crime that he hasn’t committed. They learn soon that it was Doug’s sister, Trudy Judy and they try to work with her but in the end, she played them all and used Doug’s book on how to steal cars and make a living for a while.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Nine-Nine team deals with the firefighters as they take over their own bar, Shaw’s. The only way they could get rid of them is a drink off, the one to drink the most amount of bar tab wins. Everyone goes down puking, but Captain Holt comes, in the end, drinking a lot of wine and wins in a blaze of glory and even puking after.

“A Tale of Two Bandits” was as hilarious as I could have imagined! With every single bit of this episode made me laugh and laugh whether its Jake and Doug learning that Turdy Judy is the car bandit to even the Nine-Nine team drinking against the NYFD to keep their bar and Holt coming at the end to drink the rest of the win, that one was warm. The writing was so strong and that included character development. Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

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