Arrow(S07E13) “Star City Slayer”

Alright guys and gals we had a fantastic episode brought to us tonight! And it was a good one, we found out who has been giving most of Team Arrow notes ever since the beginning of the second half of the season, we saw more flash forward scenes, and we got more to cover! So lets get to this review!

In this episode the team had to investigate a killer that has been titled as “Star City Slayer” but who exactly is the Star City Slayer? Well we find that out in this episode and it turns out that it is Stanley Dover (Brendan Fletcher) who was Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) inmate buddy of sorts but even when Oliver was in prison he didn’t want Stanley to be his friend, he tried distancing himself from Stanley but that guy was really needy. And I mean really needy; the guy just would never leave Oliver alone in prison and it seems that even after both of them got out of prison which it’s unclear how Stanley got out of prison, there’s no way he would’ve been released for good behavior especially since he was thrown into prison for accusation of murder. You can never get out of prison for good behavior when you are accused of murder, especially if there’s top notch evidence against you. So the question remains how did Stanley Dover get out of prison? I guess we will never find out for sure, maybe he did a little dig escape like how they do in those movies, we will never know.

Now we did learn a little bit about Stanley’s background, like his father was a doctor who abused medications to keep his youngest son in line. And it seems even though Stanley had to go through such torture throughout his childhood not even his older brother was able to save him from the torture. Later in life, Stanley’s brother tried getting Stanley help by putting him into Arkham Asylum. Which makes us wonder, did Stanley grow up in Gotham? Was Stanley’s father a doctor at Arkham Asylum or at one of Gotham’s hospitals? it’s something to really be curious about. And now that Stanley is either being taken to prison again or maybe even get locked up at Arkham will we be seeing him move to the Batwoman series after this season of Arrow? All I can say is anything is possible and it would give Stanley another hero to obsess over.

In the flash forward scenes we find out that a fan theory is actually correct which amazes me because a lot of the fan theories end up being just theories and nothing more. But this one is actually correct; Maya/Black Star (Katherine McNamara) is Felicity Smoak’s (Emily Bett Rickards) daughter. Which just has my mind boggled because Oliver and Felicity have been so busy they really haven’t had the time to do alone time or so we think but somehow it is true and it happened! And it also explains how Maya knows Felicity and apparently some time down the road there was a mother and daughter team up in villainy or anti-hero work but which one? I think we will be finding out very soon. But seeing these flash forward scenes it makes us wonder, did the Legends change the future to where the Star City 2046 that we saw in Legends of Tomorrow is no longer the future that is to be? Well from what we’ve seen so far, we see Diggle Jr./Connor Hawke (Joseph David-Jones) working with Maya and not wearing his version of Green Arrow gear. We see that things wen’t bad for Smoak industries, and Slade’s youngest son Grant is not in charge of Star City; so yeah I would say that the future is definitely changed. But has it changed for the better? I guess we will find out with more flash forward scenes in future episodes!

In the present time however, things are not looking too good for Oliver and Felicity’s parenting with William (Jack Moore) given that William has made it pretty clear that he doesn’t want to live with Oliver and Felicity. He even called his grandparents on the Clayton family side who volunteered to take him off of Oliver and Felicity’s hands. Even though by the end of the episode William finally did see that Oliver and Felicity are trying their best to be good parents to William. William feels it’s best he goes to live with his grandparents in Central City, but I don’t think Oliver has to worry about William going fan boy on The Flash than Green Arrow since I mean Green Arrow is his father you know. But just as William was leaving, that’s when we find out the news about Felicity being pregnant, which if they make Maya in the flash forward scenes 20 yrs old at the time then yeah the time can be correct for them to be doing this.

Next Episode: Arrow(S07E14) “Brothers and Sisters” airs Monday March 4, 2019 at 8/7c on The CW