Bull (S03E14) “Leave it Behind”

Screenshot 2019 02 11 21 40 21 1 300x162 - Bull  (S03E14) "Leave it Behind"Tonight, “A friend indeed” ..is Bull, when a friend is accused of murdering his wife. 

With the evidence mounting; Bull must create a case of reasonable doubt; yet even he seems to wonder, did he or didn’t he? 

Nate Raynor ( Shawn Parsons) plans to surprise his wife with a visit. Popping up while she”s in seclusion binge writing at their lakehouse, she’s not in. She is also not returning his calls. He  waits and eats alone.

Chris (Jake Silberman) her driver and bodyguard, shows up and confirms his wife and  award winning author should be home.   It’s been 3 days; day 4 he calls Bull.  Ava is still missing.

His story sounds suspicous. CSI is called and a lot of blood is found thru the black lights of lumimol, in the kitchen.  A lot!  He makes bail, after being arrested

There is no body, yet the knife and murder weapon was found in a nearby lake, with his DNA only. There is no sign of forced entry and a very long damaging voice message, is retrieved from his cell.  It gives motive. 

It sounds like Ava was breaking up with him.  There were his and her affairs. With an alibi that is more than weak, Nate is in trouble! 

Even Bull seems to wonder, “did he or didn’t he?” Yet  it is obviously a frame. ‘Waaay too much evidence for my taste. Yet I watched anyway . 

It’s still a “who done it” and always my fav.  And watching voir dire and Benny in particular never gets old.

Bull goes for a jury who believe in ghost, and no ax to grind with their significant other.  The ones who believe, Tupac faked his death and Elvis is still in the building.  A “no body, no murder”; seeing is believing, people. Piece of cake! 

But then the jury’s  sequestered. It’s celebrity high, with extraordinary media attention.  Their hand picked jury, bored and resentful, can fall into groupthink. Always a problem.  That was a bit of interesting info, I must say

Yet back to the evidence;  clues  point to an expressive, intimate crime of passion due to the stab wounds. 12+. 

Benny is brill. He works the “no body no case”, masterfully.  Yet a hunter and his dog find Ava’s body. ..27 miles out. 

Nate’s put on the stand in desperation. The ADA ( Angel Desai) on cross, puts the cherry on top,  or nail in the coffin. Nate verifies ownership of his  reading glasses, found  near the body!  Yes… ‘waaay too much evidence!

Evidence over kill, out dated and even stupid, for today’s time, it’s perfect for Perry Mason. It’s complete with the courtroom bust of the murderer. I like it! 

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