The Flash(S05E14) “Cause and XS”

Alright guys and gals, we had a great episode brought to us tonight and it was a really good one! We see Nora be put to the test in tonight’s episode, but it also makes me wonder what it means with the series going forward, and we also see Cisco go on his first date with Kamilla but lets get to this review!

Okay so in this episode we see that Cicada (Chris Klein) was able to figure out that Joe West’s (Jesse L. Martin) daughter Iris (Candice Patton) is working with Barry/The Flash (Grant Gustin) and chooses to go after Iris to lure The Flash out to strike at the perfect time. When Iris goes to the office to write an article, Cicada is there ready to strike. When Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy)  and Caitlin get to the scene Iris is about to get killed by Cicada’s dagger but hits Caitlin forcing Nora to run back in time to stop the incident from happening.

This tends to happen where Nora has to do this so many times, it’s almost like watching a speedster’s version of Groundhog’s Day, I mean with all the death that Nora had to witness you would think that she would start losing her mind. Even though it seemed like she almost did lose her mind but no matter what she did she either saw Iris, Caitlin/Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker), Cisco (Carlos Valdes), Cecile (Danielle Nicolet), or just about anyone I think one of those deaths might’ve even been Sherloque (Tom Cavanagh) but it was hard to tell because when they were flashing through all of them in that one scene it was hard to keep track of who was getting the dagger in the back or chest and who wasn’t. But after a little help from Cisco going down memory lane with Nora about how he discovered about a similar event happening to him in this episode happened before when Barry ran back in time after Thawne/Wells had killed him in the certain timeline. Nora finally figured out how to stop the whole loop that she was stuck in by running back in time after someone died, by stabbing Cicada with his own dagger which worked this time.

Given that Nora had to go through fifty-three different timelines, it’s something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Because like how Barry had told Nora there are always consequences when it comes to time travel even if it’s just going back in time within the last minutes. Which makes me wonder, is it because of the fifty-three times that happened is what causes the ripples to happen way too early for Crisis of Infinite Earths storyline? I mean the first time around for the Crisis storyline it happened in 2024, but given that this is only 2019 and no where near the time for the story to originally happen, will the consequences not be of the story happening way too soon but for the wrong person to die? I mean so many people are saying that Oliver (Stephen Amell) is going to be the one who dies in the Crisis storyline; even though I disagree and still think that it will be Barry because if you think about it with the Crisis storyline happening next season for the crossover event, it would make more sense for the consequence to be Barry’s death/disappearance because it’s Nora who prompted this to happen too early. Will this theory happen, it could or it could not it’s really hard to say since it’s still too soon for next season still.

But it seemed like not only Nora got a do-over but Cisco did as well with his date with Kamilla (Victoria Park). I mean that’s the one thing that Cisco should’ve done is just be himself which after all those timelines that he kept re-vibing he finally got the hint that he just needed to do that. Talk about almost taking forever, but at least when he finally showed Kamilla his own personality, it turns out that she likes him for who he is and not to pretend to be. After all that’s what most women want is for the guy they are dating to just be themselves wither its goofy, serious, moody, brooding, happy, etc. They will accept you for who you are and if not then it’s not the right person for you. I hope things work out for Cisco and Kamilla.

Now that the news has broken out about Carlos Valdes leaving The Flash and won’t be a series regular anymore, it makes me wonder if something gets pretty serious with Cisco and Kamilla and they end up traveling to where Cisco has to leave Team Flash. I mean if they do this then it will leave Cisco’s story stay open and they would be able to write in the scripts saying Cisco and Kamilla are having a great time in such and such country or state or city or whatever and they end up sending a picture here and there of where they are. It wold be one idea; the producers did say that they will leave Cisco’s story open so that he will be able to come back as a guest star when he wants to. If no one knew about this news before me talking about it, I’m sorry but it’s true though!

And next episode dates the return of Jesse L. Martin as Joe West from his medical leave, so that’s something to look forward to in episode 15! I know that I’ve been missing Joe in these episodes but you know it’s understandable why he needed to take the medical leave. I mean his back was killing him literally, he’s no young guy anymore you know. He needs to start being more careful and not hurt his back anymore, the poor guy.

Next Episode: The Flash(S05E15) “Untitled” airs Tuesday March 5, 2019 at 8/7c on The CW