This Is Us (S03E12) “Songbird Road, Part 2”

After more than a few weeks, This Is Us returns with moments of intense chills, humorist and a shocking slip. Here’s a recap!

helping nicky this is us - This Is Us (S03E12) "Songbird Road, Part 2"

This Is Us returned last night with another amazing and powerful episode. Picking up where we left off from the end in Part 1; Kevin decides to take Nick back with them, with Kate and Randall; not so sure that helping him would do anything now. Soon Rebecca shows up the next morning and meets with Nick for the first time and sees the resemblance of Jack, with the eyebrows. Kevin finds a Veteran place where he could get the help that he needs but turns him down after checking it out. We see a flashback of Rebecca when she took Kevin to get his rookie baseball card signed from a player that could be traded and learns that Kevin really is like Jack in fixing or making things better for others.

Rebecca talks with Nick and later Nick walks out after telling her that he can’t be fixed. But it for a second shot, Rebecca talks with Nick one more time and it does get through to him. Nick knocks on Kevin’s door and after fixing his ceiling in his motor home and tells Kevin that he’s gonna go to a meeting and gonna take it one step at a time. As Kevin and Rebecca drive home, Rebecca was happy that Kevin did such a good thing, but Kevin wasn’t too happy as he flashback to the moment when he was back at Nick’s motorhome and looks at a bottle of whiskey and decides to drink.

Meanwhile, as Kate and Randall head back, they decided to check out their house that they use to live in. Kate remembers that day when it was fun, but Randall remembers differently. We see Jack struggling to terms about his brother. Randall remembers Jack yelling at them for making a mess; while Kate remembers what happened after when Jack apologizes to them and started to have fun. Later as soon as they each got home, Kate tells Toby that she wants to show their son everything that they love from movies to even events. While Randall comes home not only to give some gifts to the girls but gets word from Beth that her mother had an accident and is leaving to see her along with Zoey.

“Songbird Road, Part 2” was another amazing, powerful that gave me chills throughout the episode. Parker Bates and Justin Hartley’s performance really strong as his character make another revelation. But when it comes to trying to help others it always doesn’t go the way it’s supposed; watching him slip back to his habit of drinking/ It was not only heartbreaking but also shocking as well.

Griffin Dunne gave another strong performance in this episode as Nick Pearson. The rest of the cast gave a really good performance. The writing was so strong along with the character development in the characters of Kevin and Nick.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch This Is Us Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.