Suits (S08E14) “Peas In A Pod”

Questions of the Greater Good*

*I know 8×13 was called “The Greater Good”, but sorry Suits, this episode was quite literally all about Greater Good so I am ignoring your titles.

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This week’s episode can be summarized, for me, like this: if I was sad about Suits ending ever since it had been announced, out of my own sentimentality for the years I have spent watching this g*oddamn show, this episode officially reminded me why exactly I am devastated and will continue to be a mess about this chapter closing till 9×10. It was a consuming, makes-you-want-to-be-invested, heart wrenching, funny and sad 40 minutes. And while I would love to go on for hours, debating and analyzing every detail, I promise I kept this one within readable parameters. Thank you, Suits, regardless of what happens next, this episode reminded me why I am still here. That means something, right?

Good therapists

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I have had my share of bitterness over therapist ethics on this show, but thankfully, on that front, there were no Peas in a Pod. Lipschitz has been the perfect antidote to Dr. Agard through his presence on the show, being Louis’ ultimate (non-Donna) voice of reason. However, in this week’s instalment, we were privy to seeing him in a different role. This episode offered a contrast to their relationship by reversing the roles. Lipschitz (Played by the talented and very kind Ray Proscia, say hi to him on Twitter!!!) was being sued by one of his patients, the accusation being that he prescribed him the wrong medication. The case, if the lawyer he hired for himself did not win, would be detrimental to his career. Thus, naturally, when Louis found out, he was ready and willing to drop everything else to help him out (bless!).

What I felt like this storyline did most effectively (and I would say this holds for most legal plots on this show): it demonstrated another aspect of character growth for one of the mains. While Louis did push the boundaries and struggle to act rationally at moments, he recognised this fact and upon Donna giving him her piece of mind respected Lipschitz’s request and handled the case in a way that one, took care of the mess and two, did not hurt anyone in the process.

Instead of resorting to statues and court rooms, Louis helped Lipschitz by opening up to another patient.  Because what exactly would the greater good of letting an innocent man take the fall for one be, when he helps so many?

In the end, not only did Louis save Lipshitz without jeopardising himself, the firm or Lipschitz (Character. Development.), but he also got to prove to himself he can do it all.

Also, this therapist can stay.

We will keep him.


One over many, many over one

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On that same note, many parallels to Lipschitz drama can be found in Alex’s case. The actually-guilty-defendant thing aside (Lol), the question which came up and determined the outcome of this storyline for him was really also just the question of greater good.

One of his clients, CEO of insulin delivery device company, was accused of killing the plaintiff’s wife due to the malfunction of their device which she had been using. Alex’s first strategy was to roll the guilt onto the husband who was suing and also taking care of the wife while she was still alive. However, as it turned out, the company was at fault. Alex was asked to cover up the data which showed the time and date of malfunction, matching with the time of her death. So, what was he going to do?

The case got even more challenging when Gretchen opened up and told him her husband died from diabetes too, reminding him that the man on the other side (whom he was dealing with so poorly) could be her..

Anyways, in the midst of this dilemma, Alex found another way. Much like Louis, he chose to talk to the husband and believe that at the end of the day, their values would align. And they did. The husband agreed to settle without demanding a public announcement of guilt, the company was thus able to continue running, and he received a large check, enabling him to ensure his wife’s memory lives on.

I guess greater good sometimes lays outside the bounds of the law?

I hope one day he sees what everyone sees

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Speaking of good things. The show heavily promoted Abigail Spencer’s appearance in this episode. The promo characterization ranged from Samantha’s enemy, trouble, to Harvey’s ex-girlfriend and a badass lawyer. While all of those are true, in different measures, they forgot to mention one crucial point: Dana Scott, a self-proclaimed Darvey shipper.

The law aspects of the plot began as a fight between Samantha and Scottie, which I thought was really interesting since their personalities and work style do present an opportunity for a good dynamic. I would have wanted to see that unravel, but I thought it was not something the show would go for, so I never really considered that as a “What if?”. But gosh It did not disappoint. Their feistiness and smartness clashed in the best way possible. Even though the plot went lowkey crazy and Scottie’s life was literally on the line, I like that the two women were portrayed as two lawyers fighting ruthlessly, rather than “two women fighting”. But beyond that, the ethical question of the case was pretty much in line with all the other plots of the episode: Scottie helped out her clients, “for the greater good”, because after she had found out about their illegal business, she chose to help them cover it up, enabling innocent people to keep their jobs.

However, in my humble opinion, it was everything from Scottie’s snappy come backs, to their collective smartness, and Samantha’s insanely hilarious laugh when she thought she got Scottie (I really love Katherine Heigl) that gave this case life. But beyond being such an interesting clash of dynamics, the plot acted as a common ground for Harvey and Donna, which ended up pushing them into a very surprising direction.

For the whole of 8b so far, Harvey and Donna have been finding themselves winning together, professionally. But in their personal connection, all of it has felt like a loss. One time it ended with Donna going to Thomas, the other with Harvey calling to celebrate but she was already gone. Their whole personal connection was disappearing (much of that unknown to Harvey) while they accumulated the most professionals wins they had together in a long time. This fact alone spoke to how their connection has never been based in work, but rather, entwined in the job because that was the only way they knew how to keep each other close. Same goes for this episode. From Scottie dropping truth bombs at Donna

“Let’s face it, for a long time now you have had a lot more sway over him than me.”

“You mean steer clear of Harvey?”


Harvey: “Why the hell are you even defending her?”

Donna: “Why shouldn’t I defend her?”

Harvey: “Because you have always been-“

Donna: “Been what? Afraid to say it? Yeah, that is not a surprise.”

She led us to moments and lines that appear to be the common Darvey thread of the season. Donna is moving on because he never said the right words at the right time, while Harvey continues to cluelessly, but persistently inch closer to her.

The best part of her involvement was the fact that she ended up levelling the playing field between them. From what we know (promo pictures and subsequently, Harvey’s line at the end of the episode), she had a call scene with both, Harvey and Donna. While in the past, their triggers sort of always came separately, this time they were both challenged at the same time. Scottie told Donna, arguably one of the most explicit and reassuring FACTS: Everyone sees how he looks at her.

But clearly, that isn’t enough anymore for Donna. In fact, she was going to go home without saying a single word to him about whatever this case brought up for her. It was Harvey this time (who also received the same call), that finally was pushed enough.

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Harvey: (…) Uhm… did she say something to you about-

Donna: About what?

Harvey was quite literally going to, finally, in some way, even if completely spontaneous and triggered by an impulse, open that can of worms. He knows it. She knew it. And then…

Thomas: Perfect timing.

Perfect timing indeed. The acting in this scene was already telling before, with Harvey’s awkwardness and Donna’s shocked expression, but the distanced behaviour she had towards her perfect-uncomplicated man and the fact that she stood far enough away from him in the elevator to not even see Thomas in the shot, spoke volume.

He might be perfect, but he isn’t Harvey.

Speaking of which, that man lost his breath. And something tells me he won’t get it back until he finishes what he started, finally, in this week’s episode.

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  • Samantha: “Hey Harvey, dick over any of your partners lately?” Harvey: “Samantha, nice weather we are having” –I LOVE COMEDIANS
  • “Handsome, powerful men – goes one of two ways. You either want a woman who doesn’t challenge you at all, or you want one to challenges you all the time.” Find Paula
  • Lipschitz and Louis, BROTP
  • Louis asking Donna if she told Harvey about Thomas, what a mood
  • Alex:”I am inviting you to dinner tomorrow night. I could invite my father in law too. He is a widower. Good looking… if you ask him.” Gretchen: “I will tell you what I told Karl. After him there won’t be another man…. He didn’t believe me either.”

Suits returns for 8×15 next Wednesday at 10/9c on USA Network.