Star Trek Discovery (S02E05) “Saints of Imperfection”

Good day to all the Star Trek fans out there! Time for another review of this week’s episode entitled ‘Saints of Imperfection’. I’ll just dive right in.

After a brief recap, the episode opens with Michael (Sonequa Martin-Green) running to engineering after hearing about Tilly (Mary Wiseman). She’s very upset, and can only hope that Tilly is still alive. Lt. Stamets (Anthony Rapp) is working tirelessly to try and find Tilly. On the bridge, they’ve located Spock’s shuttle and are surprised when he doesn’t respond to hails. The shuttle tries to get away and the Discovery is forced to disable it and tow it into the cargo hold. When the crew goes to meet Spock there, they are shocked to discover that it’s not Spock manning the shuttle, but Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh).

star trek discovery season 2 episode 5 saints of imperfection easter eggs references 300x201 - Star Trek Discovery (S02E05) "Saints of Imperfection"
Georgiou coming out of Spock’s shuttle. Photo courtesy of Google.
it’s all about networking

The crew finds out that she is part of Section 31 and is trying to locate Spock. We meet the head of Section 31, Leeland, who is an old friend of Captain Pike (Anson Mount). Leeland warns Pike and Burnham not to interfere with their mission. Burnham escorts Georgiou back to the shuttle and witty barbs and insults are traded along with veiled threats before Georgiou departs.

The crew has a breakthrough about Tilly when they discover that Tilly is not dead but in the mycelial network. The cocoon was the organic equivalent of a transporter. Tilly wakes up in the network. She is freaking out and is immediately accosted by May (Bahia Watson). May tells her that her species is dying. There is a monster loose that is destroying the spores. May begs Tilly for her help to kill it. Apparently, the monster first appeared when Stamets opened the network.

going in halfway

Back on the Discovery Burnham comes face to face with Ash Tyler (Shazad Latif) who is the liaison to Section 31. They talk about Section 31 and Spock.  Stamets issues a proposal to do a partial jump into the network to save Tilly. Pike is very hesitant about this plan, but when he figures that Tilly would lay down her life without hesitation to save another, he lets the plan go through. After moving the crew to safer spots on the ship, they make the jump. Stamets and Burnham go out into the network to find Tilly.

When the ship appears in the network, Tilly has to convince May to trust her. They go into the ship and Tilly arms herself. They discover a trail of the toxins that killed May’s species and figure the monster is aboard the ship. Stamets and Burnham find Tilly and May who explain the situation. May tells them more information about the monster. The group hears a moaning noise and follow it to its source. The ‘monster’ turns out to be Hugh (Wilson Cruz).

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Hugh looking very lost and scared. Photo courtesy of Google.
is it really hugh?

This latest turn of events shocks the rescue party. May is screaming at Tilly to kill him and in the ensuing chaos Hugh runs off with Stamets following him. Upon closer inspection of the toxin trail, Burnham figures out that Hugh was simply trying to defend himself from the spores who were attacking him and trying to break down his body. The spores break down all matter that enters the network, and the Discovery is no exception. The ship is taking major hull damage and Ash intervenes and calls for an assist. Leeland shows up and uses a tractor beam to help stabilize the ship. Michael and the others are running out of time.

Hellos and Goodbyes

Stamets finds Hugh and they talk. After a brief joyful reunion, the others find them. Tilly talks May down from trying to kill Hugh. Stamets theorizes that he himself brought Hugh into the network. When they go back to the pod to leave the network, they find out that Hugh can’t come with them because he was created from spore matter. Stamets refuses to let him go. Tilly suggests they put him in the cocoon and try to and transfer him that way. After making a promise to May that they will meet again, the group departs and Stamets brings them out of the network.

Hugh makes it out the network alive, and everyone is now able to settle down and process what just happened. Pike goes over to Leeland’s ship and has a meeting with Leeland and Admiral Cornwall (Jayne Brook). She informs them about new developing information about the seven signals and how Spock is the key to everything. Now Section 31 is working with Discovery to find Spock.

Michael gets a message from Georgiou. There are more thinly veiled threats and witty barbs. The episode ends on a positive note about love and finding a good path.

final thoughts

Well, I’m honestly not sure what to make of this episode. The whole ‘finding Hugh in the network’ angle felt kinda forced. I mean, is there a reason he is coming back from the dead so to speak? Is Hugh going to play a major role later on in the season? Don’t get me wrong. I liked Hugh and was totally crushed when he was killed last season, but I really wasn’t expecting him to come back or anything. At least Stamets is happy.

I was touched by how the crew rallied to save Tilly. I think Pike has a bit of a soft spot for her. The tension between Burnham and Georgiou is very palpable. It’s only a matter of time before crap goes down. I hope that Michael and Ash can move forward and maybe even think about possible rekindling some old feelings? It’s a long shot, but who knows?

Overall I give this episode 7/10.

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