The Gifted (S02E14) “calaMity”

My heart is absolutely broken after this week’s episode. While the series has never shied away from killing characters, this week’s episode set itself apart. The carnage was intense, and with only two episodes left, it’s hard to imagine what losses are coming next. I am looking forward to the remaining storylines concluding, especially Reeva’s full plan. I’m sure she will ensure we will be mourning next week as well.

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Clarice being a hero

It’s very hard for me to accept that Clarice is gone. She’s one of the true OG’s, and a character everyone has grown to love. She had a great arc this season and I was really looking forward to her growing with the Morlocks. I can’t even imagine what Jon is going through, and it’s guaranteed that he will seek revenge. I’d say I feel bad for the Purifiers, but they have it coming. Clarice and the Morlocks were trying to live peaceful lives, so it’s hard to understand why they were targeted by Reeva.

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On the other side of the fence, Lorna’s short-sighteds actions have lead to another one of her friend’sf deaths. Sage had no idea what was coming her way, and Reeva made it clear that she has no room for mercy. It was hard to see Lorna’s reaction as Andy told her the news. As much as I love Lorna, she almost never thinks about the consequences of her actions, with the exception of Dawn. She was sloppy with Max, and she wasn’t much better with her attempt at hacking. Honestly, Lorna needs to run as soon as she can. It won’t be long before the other Cuckoos sense something is off with her, and by then it will be too late. Unfortunately, she may also stay for Andy, but it’s doubtful he would leave with her. He’s definitely indoctrinated at this point. I have a feeling that we will see where he stands definitively next episode.