Fam (S01E06) “Pregnant Pause”

Hi there!

After two weeks of pause “Fam” came back for its 6th episode. It’s called “Pregnant Pause” and let me tell you that this was by far my favorite this season!

The episode starts with Nick and Clem finding Kyle, a classmate of Shannon’s at their house. They find out he slept with her.

An agreement between the sisters is made in order to see if Clem will keep her word of not taking care of Shannon’s stuff.  Shannon knew that her sister wouldn’t be able to do so. That’s the reason she placed a false pregnancy test in her bedroom leading to the funniest misunderstanding ever. Nick thinking Clem was pregnant, telling his parents, his mother’s reaction and then Clem telling Nick that she wasn’t.

Overall a good episode, a funny episode and if the rest of the season is as good as this episode was I see a season 2 coming!

That’s all for today, hope you liked.

Love, Jo (@living4series)