Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E06) “The Crime Scene”

When a crime scene gets difficult for Jake and Rosa to solve; Jake ups the difficulty by making a promise to the victim’s mother that they’ll solve it. Here’s a recap!

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With only being about two characters in this episode, was probably one of the funniest episodes of the season so far. When Jake and Rosa are dealt with a very difficult murder case but things didn’t add up. But when Jake meets with the victim’s mother and makes a promise to solve the case, Jake doesn’t stop cracking the case. From placing red sticky notes as blood on Amy while sleeping to even not wearing any pants in the victim’s home, drew the lines that Jake overthinking and Rosa decided to give the case to major crimes.

But the tables turn when Rosa and Jake tell the victim’s mother that the case was too hard to crack. After looking at the mother, Rosa changed her mind and makes the same promise to her; and tells Jake that she did because she reminded her of her mother. Just as they go back the apartment, they see the place was clean from top to bottom; but Jake and Rosa hear something rattling in the air vents; Jake spots wrappers and empty bottles that indicates that someone heard when CSI was going through the room. Looking at the tape, they see their suspect and soon picks him up and books him!

After closing the case, Rosa tells Jake that she called her mother to meet with her. After an awkward couple of seconds of meeting; Rosa and her mother seem to be on good terms now after she came out as bisexual last season.

“The Crime Scene” was such a strong and hilarious episode. It’s probably one of my favorites so far this season, only this being the sixth episode of the season. I thought the characters were amazing; the character development of Jake and Rosa was written beautifully Not only was Rosa meeting her mother was a great scene, but I also couldn’t get enough of the CSI guy and Jake arguing about great cop shows. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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