Bull (S03E15) “Security Fraud”

Screenshot 2019 02 19 07 54 06 1 300x164 - Bull (S03E15) "Security Fraud"Bull’s case tonight is of greed and consequences, as we revisit “man’s inhumanity to man”.  It’s the  Ponzi Scheme, New York Style.

“Security Fraud” is a tale  of witness protection gone bad and the stuff Legends are made of.  

A toll taker, Andy Gibson, (Vladimir Troitsky) is killed by a masked man in what appears to be a random shooting. His wife, Sherri ( Wendy Makkena) thinks other wise. She sues the United States Guv’ment, for negligence. They were in Witness Protection. 

The Walter Franklin, (Dan Ziskie) pays a visit to Bull and the TAC team. The entire office is crushing. He’s a living legend, comparable to anybody on the “Dream Team” from that famous case in the 90’s. *coughojcough*  He needs help on suing the Guv’ment for his client, Sherri Gibson.

Her husband was murdered, though protected by the U.S.  Witsec program.  They failed to do their job. The US doesn’t agree.

How does Bull and the team say “no” to the appearance of  such an impossible case?  They don’t. 

Bull interviews the very demanding, angry, obnoxious and unsympathetic Sherri. She’s out. She’ll just turn the jury. 

He decides to go with the demur,  clearly devastated daughter, Tiffany. ( Lizzy Declement) for the win. She can  bring tears to the eyes when sharing her loss.

Yet Bull immediately clashes with the  legend.  Afterall he’s one himself; ego?  But not this time.

Franklin doesn’t cooperate with Bull during voir dire. He picks his own jury, with his own questions! Why did he hire him?  Did he forget the instructions of how it works? 

Moreso; why is Franklin asleep during a meeting and while eating pizza?  Why does Franklin eat so much pizza and only from the joint on Spring street?  And what does Franklin really remember…or not?!  The hints are no longer subtle. Bull realizes the obvious  sadly.

The case turns and briefly, Benny takes the lead.   It’s always my favorite part of any episode. Watching Benny master, never disappoints.

And the means, motive and opportunity , when revealed, does not disappoint either.  Not the usual suspects;  It was very different in a “never saw it coming ” kinda way.  

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