The Magicians (S04E04) “Marry Fuck Kill”

I’m not going to lie, I thought “Marry Fuck Kill” was a weird episode.

I love the show for the unexpected twists and turns it can often take, but most of the plot of episode four wasn’t necessarily to my liking. It’s okay, I can’t expect my favorite show to always deliver. Plus, I’m lucky enough to have seen the next episode, and let me tell you, that will be worth a million much crappier episodes.

I’m going to do something unconventional and split this review into two sections: things that were okay-weird and things that were too random even for The Magicians.

The good stuff:

  • Margo casually calling the Monster “Darth Eliot” because, let’s never forget how much of a nerd she is.
  • The lycanthropy-AIDS parallelism. STDs are real and it’s good to see them represented in the media. Maybe people watching will be reminded to use protection next time!
  • Alice being confronted with Christopher Plover. Not that I necessarily loved that plotline in itself, but I liked the idea of having those two outcasts face each other. They’ve both hurt people for no good cause, and it was nice seeing how their sins haunt them in different ways. Alice not thinking she deserves happiness or forgiveness, even from herself, says a lot about her character. However, her exacting petty revenge on Plover didn’t really help her redemption arc. (Not that the pedophile didn’t deserve what he got, mind you.)
  • Darth Eliot (yup, I’m adopting Margo’s nickname) helping Q come to terms with his dad’s death. That “Things break around me” completely shattered my heart, but I loved that Quentin gave in to temptation and followed the monster’s advice to break things on purpose.

The random stuff:

  • That whole sequence with Shoshana, Julia and Penny. I get the writers wanting to show that Julia grew out of her trauma, but was there a point to that long and slow-paced anointing scene? Are Julia and Penny!23 actually going to be together soon? (Kady is not going to be happy. Also, where was she? See my theory below) Too many couples have formed this episode, what is this, a CW show?
  • Which brings me to my next point, the elephant in the room: Margo and Josh. Did I like that Margo was so headstrong as to literally volunteer to catch lycanthropy rather than have Josh kill himself? I guess the matter is so complicated and hard to unpack that it’s not easy to give a straight answer. Did I think she was out of character? Absolutely not. Do I like the turn that the writers decided to take? No. They thought everything would be solved when Margo used the magic word “consent”. And I would’ve been fine with the whole thing because she was literally trying to prevent a friend from having to pick between a rape and suicide. Except… they decided that out of the blue, Margo has a crush? That sounds so mundane, and simply so random for Margo, with no real seeds in previous episodes. Don’t come at me reminding me that she once said a line about hooking up with Josh in season 2, because that was an inconsequential joke (that she also made about Penny, by the by).
  • Once again, the bit that I didn’t enjoy was that in the end, Margo wasn’t just helping a friend and a potential outcast in need. She lost her best friend, soulmate and partner-in-crime Eliot, so she suddenly developed feelings for and attached herself to another man. I know that the writers tiptoed around it and worked really hard so that it wouldn’t feel like her larger-than-life character would be diminished by a man or a relationship, but I have to admit I’m still not happy with the result.
  • This episode had no universal or unifying plot. Characters were paired off in personal quests (which is fine when those serve a purpose). Even the quickening, which we knew was going to come back to bite Josh in the back, was rendered a one-time event (since it happens every thirty years rather than every thirty days). It means that it was probably written with the Margo/Josh hookup in mind. Not a fan.

More thoughts

I’m not quite sure what happened to Marina. They wouldn’t dare kill her – again!! – and in such a lowkey way. I’m sure whoever grabbed at the end of 4×03 her has plans for her, and I hope we’ll see her again soon.

Kady was also nowhere to be seen. What is she up to, Marina-ing around like the top hedge bitch in New York? She wasn’t at the apartment, and I wonder if that was a writer’s choice because there simply was too much going on and there was no space for her, or if her absence will be justified by suspicious things happening. Remember she still has the deweys and the luck from “The Bad Luck Bear”.

You’re not ready for Wednesday’s episode. Brace yourselves, and get tissues.

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