Happy Death day 2U (2019)

Alright guys and gals we have another great movie review for you all tonight and this one was an interesting one! Imagine having to relive a day over and over again well I’m sure that sounds familiar from another review that I did a year ago or so but lets get to this review we have quite a lot to discuss and what it means for the possibility of the future of the franchise. But don’t worry we won’t spoil the movie for any viewers reading this review!

So with Happy Death Day 2U, it amazes me that they chose to make the film based as a direct sequel by direct I mean seeing it as the next day that ended the loop in the first film. However instead of having the film being looked upon the whole time in Tree (Jessica Rothe) point of view it was seen through the point of view of Carter’s (Israel Broussard) roommate Ryan’s (Phi Vi) point of view. Which I guess if you are going to have this concept be turned into franchise, you would have to change the point of view in what happens in such and such person’s life and how they see the world and what their choices would be. All what I can say because it’s a non-spoiler review is that Ryan’s special project definitely caused some difficulties that made even more difficulties happen within this film.

Now I like the idea that they have brought to the table where they can access through different dimensions, it can really give you the power to do so much with this franchise especially if they want to keep it fresh. Like imagine for them in future films searching through the other dimensions where there could be hauntings (example: Insidious franchise), or monsters in another dimension, and in every dimension there is always someone go through a time loop while all these other things are happening in the other dimensions that would be a theory but it would also go into the possibility of what Jason Blum would might want to do by creating a shared universe with Blumhouse studio movies.

With the film giving us all the characters we were used to in the first film and giving them a chance for more character development and more story development with all the humorous and thousands of ways to die kind of scenarios it makes you wonder what will they come up with next? Will we get another sequel like how a special end credit scene suggests that we will. Even though I would love for another point of view to happen in the films for another person who deserves it so they can change their ways, I feel like the films might be heading into much more bigger territory than just showing different peoples perspectives in how they die by a jealous lover or jealous person or just someone who hates them. But I suppose we shall see sooner or later, it would be nice if they could explore bigger territory through the technology they have invented through this sequel.

I suppose the question would be if they do, do a Happy Death Day 3, would it be about Danielle’s (Rachel Matthews) point of view of the next day? Or will they do something even bigger, like throw Danielle into another dimension after getting killed in her own dimension? What would you guys and gals as the fans of the movies like to see happen in the next sequel? Or what are your theories about what will happen next?

If you have seen the first film, which you really need to, then I highly recommend seeing this film but please before you go see a sequel watch the first film first.

Happy Death Day 2U is now out in theaters