Suits (S08E15) “Stalking Horse”

Choices, choices…


“I will be with you every step of the way”

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One of my favorite scenes of season 8 and, in fact, the whole show, is the ending scene of 8×04 where Samantha showed Louis the basics of self-defense. Not only did that feed own, at this point, insane love for Samantha’s character, but also introduced a new touching dynamic within the firm. Thus, it was to my absolute delight to see them working together again in this episode. The man who had assaulted Louis in the aforementioned episode had finally been caught by the police and arrested. That is why, upon finding his wallet, the police called Louis to identify the accused.

This turned into a big mess, when he was told he would have to testify too. Samantha convinced him that he had to do it for himself – again connecting with him due to the fact that she went through this herself. She told him to not be afraid of showing his emotions, and indeed, he ended up taking a stand. A huge moment of growth for him, but an even bigger blow, when it turned out that the man would not be accused, due to a technicality.

This fact was scary, not just because it shed light on ways in which the court system can fail to be just, but also because the man had acquired all personal information about Louis through hearing him speak to the jury. This led Louis to, understandably so, have nightmares BUT to my surprise, still handle the situation very maturely. If anything, the case was used to (potentially?) hint to the fact that Samantha keeps using shady ways to save other people and that could backfire eventually. Robert warned her of the fact, after she and Louis cornered the man and “used something he did to confess something else he did”.  Was that confrontation scene absolute art and I really hope nothing bad happens to Samantha because she is a queen? Yes and yes.

And in the end, all was well. At least for Louis.

“Putting family first”

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If the show has taught us anything (besides a bunch of lessons about a bunch of unethical things, like for example, don’t pretend you are a lawyer when you don’t have a degree or do not date your therapist) it is that working with someone you have repressed issues with doesn’t usually work out well… unless your love is so strong, the only thing worse than working together is not working together. But the latter  was not really the case for Brian and Katrina. Albeit clearly having feelings for each other, this episode finally led them to a conclusion they should have reached forever ago. This just simply won’t work for them because they will never be on the same page. Brian had a wife and a family, someone to go home to and “share the good news with” and that was stronger than any feeling they had that forced them to try working together post-all-those-triggering-romantic-moments.

It was through his first case he did alone, one that Katrina gave to him, that Brian ended up over-sharing with his wife and realized he has fallen too deep. So, he took a step back and finally put an end to this. Regardless of how much I liked the start of Brian and Katrina’s friendship, after all the attempts to romanticize what was veeery problematic at  its best, I was happy and satisfied with the conclusion this story reached.

The ending scene with Louis, after everything they have been through, was just the cherry on top. Maybe, just maybe I shed a tear or two. But surely not because I will miss the hand sniffling.


He never let me down, not in the ways that matter.”

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And speaking of tears and pain… the Darvey of it all: the case, the donna mess, and the consequences.

To start with the case. Just after first seeing Donna with her new can-he-leave bae Thomas, Harvey was called in by one of his clients, Simon Lowe, to get Kessler in on a deal. Simon has recently lost his potential partnership with Restoration and was looking for a new firm to work with – Kessler being an up and coming furniture brand – he was the perfect choice. Harvey agreed, regardless of the potential conflict of interest (since Alex represented Thomas), and the negotiations began. Only they were over super-fast, when Thomas dropped the previous offer he got, for the higher numbers Simon promised. All would be well, if it hadn’t turned out Simon only used him to get Restoration’s deal back on the table… which he told Harvey. Unknown to him though, Harvey was trying super hard to be supportive of Donna and her new relationship and this fact … was a big inconvenience. So, he kind of spiraled.

First, he told Alex about Simon’s intentions in order to protect Thomas’ company and… there goes breaking privilege number one.

And then, Donna manipulated him into breaking it…. again (Donna: tell me or I will tell Thomas something is up. Also, Donna: omg why did you tell me and put me in this awful position? Ok girl?). He told her what had happened and promised her one of two things would save them: either Harvey would get Restoration to back down again and make sure the better deal is intact, or Alex would convince the company Thomas dropped to match the numbers. Because the truth was a hard thing to hear, Donna ended up spiraling even more than Harvey (can they stop competing in this regard *sigh*), despite the fact that he asked her to have faith in him and sit tight till the next morning. On that said morning, she ended up telling Thomas everything, not only resulting in Thomas’ outburst at the firm and Simon finding out Harvey had broken privilege, but also breaking something far more valuable than any deal ever could be. The glue that held Harvey and Donna together at work and filled the void they felt in their personal life: the inexplicable, one of a kind trust and faith they shared, above and beyond anyone and anything else in the picture.

But before we yell at Donna (which honestly, feel free to do it, I am doing it too) let’s unpack the ways the show build up to the choice she made and the heartbreaking conversation which followed it.

“You didn’t give me a chance to fix it when you said you would. You lost faith in me. For all the time we have been together, that has never happened.”

“Harvey, if there is anyone in the world I have faith in, it is you.”

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Donna’s choice (Which I hate, and I am upset with her, but let’s look at facts) was born out of the repressed issues she was reminded of when making it. The flashbacks in this episode finally introduced to us her mother, more precisely, the time she promised Donna to take her to Paris after graduation, and then… ended up giving all that money to her father. He was trying to build a business and she chose that over the trip. Donna was heartbroken, but her selfless and intuitive nature resulted in her bottling all that up and continuing to foster a loving relationship with her mother. So fast forward to the present, when she was faced with the decision of either telling Thomas or sitting tight, she called her mother and asked her if she ever regretted making that choice and putting her husband first. Albeit, with no guarantee that her sacrifice will pay off. This was interesting on its own, because it was clear that Donna saw this choice as one between something that meant the world to her, but gave her no guarantees for the future anymore, and something new and exciting. She was choosing between having faith in a man who was after all this time still a mystery, and a man who was her “trip to Paris”.

Irrational and super dumb considering that she has known Thomas for probably less than a month, and Harvey has never given her reasons not to trust him in the “ways it matters”? Yes, indeed. But is it understandable? I would say yes (feel free to attack and disagree, that is half of the fun).  It is true that she ended up destroying so much, very stupidly and so unlike the COO she previously proved she could be, but it is also true that this has been the underlying theme of 8b Donna in so many ways. She is tired of being quiet, waiting, putting other people first. Only this time, she took it too far, too soon.

In the end, she ended up making a decision which not only hurt Harvey but also clearly hurt her. He told her she lost faith in him, and logically, that should have been the truth considering the fact that she chose Thomas. However, the way I see it, she tried to put a stop to choosing other people and choose the perfect-can-speak-and-show-his-affection guy. Only in the end, she confessed Harvey is still the person she has most faith in, in the world. And with that, showed to herself and all of us, that her decision, albeit probably one she perceived to be most rational for her personal life, was one that went against her heart.

She thought she chose “the once in a life time opportunity”, but the one was already standing there, trying for the first time to be an adult who respects her choice, breaking the laws to protect her happiness and breaking down at the sole thought of her losing faith in him.

But now, “the firm will never be the same again”. The power of stupid, stupid love. If they don’t speak their truth now, then when?

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Random Thoughts:

  • Let me say something controversial. I actually liked Harvey saying he wasn’t over reacting because of Thomas. He has always been bothered and that brought us nowhere. For one, I am happy to see that while Donna assumed he was acting irrational as usual, he proved her wrong. He was just doing what he thought she wanted, and he would never do for anyone else. Amen.
  • Thomas and Paula can both choke on coffee with vanilla.
  • “You don’t want to know what high school was like for me” Harvey, a comedian
  • Donna’s mom is gorgeous, but we been knew.
  • “Donna, your father has never let me down. Not in the way that matters (…). Your father is the kindest, gentlest, most loving man I have ever met. and if I hadnt shown faith in him it would have eaten up on him for the reset of his life.” – cries
  • “Sheila, let me explain this to you, all our friends are rich” I choked
  • Samantha Wheeler for president
  • I find it super interesting that all the (known to us) deleted moments and scenes so far in 8B relate to insight into Harvey’s feelings for Donna. As I tweeted a while back, it feels like maybe (with the big change Korsh talked about at the end of 8×16), they had removed these moments through 8B in order to increase the suspense and make us even more shocked in the end. On the other hand, it could also be a bad sign. Who knows? Thoughts?