The Gifted (S02E15) “Monster”

Last week’s episode left us in an emotional free fall that no one saw coming, so it was this week’sw burden to get us through. At least we were not alone and were able to grieve with our heroes.

As can be expected John is not handling the loss of Clarice well. It’s hard to tell if she possibly survived or if it’s his grief creating things he wishes were there. Don’t get me wrong, If she is miraculously alive I’ll be happy, but it seems doubtful. It was nice to see how much John grew to love her, so seeing him recall those tender moments really warmed my heart. It was hard to watch him want to help his comrades and not be able to, especially after the last episodes events. Thankfully Marcos and Reed were more than up to the task.

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The surprisingly effective duo also dealt with some heavy things this episode. When they were trying to escape Reed kills one of the head Purifiers using his powers. He doesn’t seem to process the impact of this until he is talking to Andy near the end of the episode. It ended up being the one thing that connected them on another level and was able to sway Andy’s decision to reunite with his family. Of course with Andy also came Lorna. The relief Marcos experienced was visible as they embraced, it was a very lovely reunion.

Unfortunately, our heroes being back together again means it’s time for the big fight. It’s exciting to see everything finally come to a head, but I’m sure there will be more casualties. I’m guessing they will be mostly from the Inner Circle, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Underground lost someone else. I think it’s best to start preparing emotionally now. We are guaranteed to be in for a wild ride that’s for sure.