Alterna Comics: The XII (Issue 05)

Alright guys and gals, finally I got around to reviewing this final issue of the comic that I was really excited about reading and reviewing. Sorry it’s taking me all this time to get to this review it makes me feel awful knowing it’s taking me all this time just to get around to reviewing this final issue. But sometimes life happens and it stops you from doing somethings but at least I finally got around to it and lets get to this review!

So with this final issue to the five issue run that Alterna Comics gave to this series it was a really good run for it. Especially with it being a post-apocalyptic story and with it being such a phenomenal story that I feel like needs to have more issues but for the time that it ran it was a great story. In this issue though, we see that our main character Caleb has been taken back to the city that he thought he would never return to but it’s because he was taken by The XII and one of them is someone who he thought he could trust. Hank took Caleb and his family to the city and now they are all a part of the promise land. Which is what they call the community they live in; even though it’s called something that everyone called America back in the old days but I guess because it’s a apocalyptic world those rules don’t oblige because it’s people making the world a new. Making a new world order of sorts.

One thing I thought was really interesting was how fast Annabelle was to turn against Caleb, I know it’s because she’s grieving the loss of their first son Eli, but still it’s no right to try to take their kids away from Caleb and blame him for everything. I mean from what they revealed in the past before Caleb and Annabelle ran off together in the first place, she was the one who was begging to get the hell out of there because of how cruel they were to women who got pregnant by one of their strong men and not by the leader or something like that. But things have changed though in the ways of the Promise Land Community, such as farming, fresh food, fresh beds from the look of it. Maybe this is why Annabelle is wanting to now stay in the community with her kids and to have Caleb do whatever he wants.

Truth be told, the way how Caleb is reminds me so much of The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes. But at the same time he’s his own character and thats what I like about this series. It gives you similarities to other characters from other comic series’s but also gives you a comic series that stayed fresh and true and amazing with each issue. The way how Patrick Trahey has created a comic series to have someone to relate to while reading the comics is amazing, he does an amazing job and I hope that he does continue The XII with maybe publishing by himself or something new issues and giving us all a comic series that we would be begging for more with every issue! To everyone who has done some contribute to this issue, I congratulate you all for doing a phenomenal job!

The XII (Issue 05) is now out in a comic store or a digital seller near you!