Before You Go (An Indie Comic)

Alright guys and gals, we have a good comic brought to you today and it’s a really good one, I’ll be reviewing the first volume of three volumes to this little series written and illustrated by the same person who we will talk about in a little bit. But first lets get to this review!

For those people that know me I am always into reading comics, wither it’s indie comics or well established companies like Skybound, Marvel, Image, DC, etc. I’m always in for reading some amazing stories wither its about heroes or syfy or even supporting a community like LGBTQ. I’m all for it, so while I was searching for comics to read on comixology website; I came across this comic and I bought this even though it says issue I feel like it’s more of a volume so I’m just gonna say volume one of three. And the summary of the story is what got me but it wasn’t just the summary it was also the art of the cover that caught my attention and I was thinking that it was going be a very interesting read. And I was right, it actually turned out to be a very interesting read, I actually want to continue reading the other volumes that are out on that website and maybe review those too.

So the story follows this woman whose name is Sadie, shes just getting off of work and meets an interesting but yet mysterious woman who we later learn her name to be Robin. Sadie and Robin start enjoying their time together to where Sadie starts falling for the mysterious woman, actually starts falling madly in love with her but will they truly be in love if Robin still stays as a mystery? I’m not gonna spoil it for my readers that might be interested in reading it for themselves but I will say there will be some romantic moments in this first part of the three comics.

So with this comic it was written and illustrated by Denise Schroeder who is amazing. The way how she wrote this first part to introduce us to the characters and made it as a absolute manga style comic book is amazing. Me being an artist myself who loves to draw and is actually working on his own comic when I can, I always admire people who do it themselves all the drawing and writing thats what I admire. Especially for those who can do everything by themselves its truly amazing; I love that Denise does the anime/manga classic style drawing. I know a lot of people right now are probably saying “whats classic style” classic manga style is like looking at Miyazaki’s earlier work when he first started his movies back in the 1980’s-1990’s; thats what I’m talking about when I say classic manga style. And it’s true when you see the work it literally reminds you of those classic manga’s that we all read when we were teenagers or even younger depending on when you started reading manga’s. For someone such as me who loves reading manga and watching some animes and reading comics in general I have to congratulate Denise in doing a phenomenal job on this and I will definitely read the other parts to the story.

For anyone who supports LGBTQ, or even if you are into these kind of stories, I highly recommend this for you to read. Even if you are just looking for a new story to read it’s still something I would recommend for you to read because it has potential to be a really good story and has potential to even be made into a limited anime series maybe in my opinion.

Before You Go all volumes are out now and you can catch them wherever they are sold!