Fam (S01E07) “Drunk in love”

Hi there!

First of all so sorry for a short review of the previous episode, I was sick that’s the reason why it was so short. But moving on to this week’s episode, the seventh one called “Drunk in love”.

As you might remember from the previous review, I said that the sixth episode had been the best of the season until the moment and if it kept the same rhytm it can get its renewal and then this week episode came.

“Drunk in love” didn’t disappoint me at all, the episode was overall sweet and funny, after struggling with the comedy and jokes the show it’s finally reaching it’s comedy side.

The episode main theme is Nick’s and Clem’s engagement announcement party and it’s because of it that we get to know how the couple met and it’s the most funniest thing ever and if you believe in destiny and love romance it is the most sweetest thing ever.

So the couple met on a bar when they both were totally drunk, Nick had just been dumped by his girlfriend and Clem had just came out  a night of fun with her best friend, Ben. (We need more of him on “Fam” PLEASE) So Nick gives to Clem his number and they forget about eachother until a few days later when Clem texts the wrong Nick and Nick goes to meet her thinking it’s his ex. And well the rest is history.

When they remember their second meet they realized that maybe they were never meant to be and by the end of the episode when they realize that Shannon saves the day and makes them believe in destiny all over again..

This episode was funny,sweet and make all of us go “aww”. I just loved it and I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.

That’s all for today.

See you soon

Love, Jo (@living4series)