Create The Ultimate Home Cinema For Your Next TV Binge

Sure, Netflix might have coined the phrase “Netflix and chill” but that doesn’t mean that the other channels don’t enjoy some binges of their own too. It’s time to work on the “chill” part of the phrase and set up the ultimate home theater, because 2019 is a year for the couch surfer. One of the most highly anticipated series of all time, the final installment of Game of Thrones, is set to premiere on April 14th, 2019. For binge watchers, it will be a tough call to wait for all the episodes to land and possibly even risk a few spoilers. Whether waiting for all the episodes in order to have a marathon binge or watching them week by week, it’s important to set the theme with the right environment. With other fan favorites such as The Walking Dead and Good Doctor also getting the nod for renewals, the home cinema becomes a necessity.

Cinema Quality Sound And Visuals

It’s time to pull out the credit card and do some serious shopping, as a home cinema is simply not complete without a good screen and sound equipment. While the acoustics of the room play an important part in the overall home cinema experience, many home surround systems curtail this by allowing homeowners to place their surround sound speakers in the areas that would make the most out of the layout of the room. Combine this with a high-definition screen and those binge-watching sessions will soon turn into the new normal. For those who want to take this experience to the next level, the integration of amps, woofers, and of course, a home theater projector will just about do it.

Perk Up The Comfort Level

It’s a no brainer that comfort plays an important role in the ultimate home cinema. Think TV couches and recliners, fold out beds, and as much floof as you can bear. At this point, you may also want to consider controlling the natural elements such as sunlight and weather conditions for the ultimate binge session. Areas that naturally keep out those pesky sun rays include lounges with blackout curtains and other areas of the property that don’t ordinarily require windows. For those who have a few extra dollars in the bank account and wish to convert an existing part of the property, garages, attics, and basements are great picks thanks to their natural layout.

Set Up The Ultimate Snack Station

Nothing says home cinema better than the buttery smell of freshly popped popcorn. Setting up a movie snack station is essential to a successful movie night. The snack station can either be an authentic spot filled with nostalgic movie goodies such as popcorn and soda, or it can be the ideal opportunity to add some gourmet flavor. From steak sandwich sliders to sushi, the choices are entirely up to the host. Snacks and finger foods tend to work well, as guests can help themselves to food without worrying about missing out on too much of their favorite show. This also allows them to decide whether they wish to keep things lean and healthy or give in to nostalgia.

The ultimate home movie experience is about extreme comfort, good food, and most importantly, enjoying good company.