The Goldbergs (S06E16) “There Can Be Only One Highlander Club”

The Goldbergs (S06E16) “There Can Be Only One Highlander Club”

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I missed reviewing a couple of episodes because…Honestly, I don’t know. I guess I was sorta busy, and also not feeling well, so I skipped it. Then for this new episode, I didn’t live tweet the episode for the first time in a while. But here I am, back again. And so is The Goldbergs, this time focusing on one of my favorite recurring characters on the show: Johnny Atkins.


After Adam is being picked on by Johnny, Beverly sets up a play date for them so they’ll get along. The play date doesn’t go well until Adam plays the movie Highlander. Johnny is so fascinated by the movie that the two actually start bonding over it. So much so even that they decide to form a club at school. But with the athletes and the dorks on board, the group has different opinions about what they want to do. Eventually the jocks start attacking the nerds, now that they have weapons for the club.


To avoid all the drama, Adam just wants to start his own Highlander club, but as the people who’ve seen the movie, know: “There can be only one”…Highlander club (just to be clear, I haven’t seen the movie…). To determine which of the groups can be the one Highlander club, they have to fight each other. To everybody’s surprise the nerds are much better and win the fight because, as opposed to the jocks, they practiced for this fight all their lives without even knowing it.

Adam returns home a hero because for the first time he didn’t need his sister or his mother to win a fight. But he soon realizes that this time he was the bully to Johnny. Johnny is hurt and just wants to be friends with Adam. In the end, the two make up and form the one and only Highlander club.

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Meanwhile, Barry and Murray run into one of Murray’s high school friends. Barry is surprised to find out Murray has any friends besides Bill and the mailman. When Murray tells Barry that he doesn’t really talk to his high school friend group the Jokers anymore, Barry gets scared that the same thing will happen to the JTP. With 12 weeks left before graduation, Barry makes sure to plan awesome things for them to do. But it doesn’t end there. Barry has also made a 12-month, 12-year and 12-decade plan to make sure they will keep seeing each other after high school.


The JTP isn’t on board with this plan for their future. Instead, to insure that they will keep seeing each other after graduation, the JTP tries to get the Jokers back together. And while this seems to work, Smiles (yes that is how I will call Murray from now on) lets Barry know that the reunion the JTP set up was a one time thing. He explains that life goes on and that other things become more important than your high school friends. But just when Barry is about to give up on having any future with the JTP, Murray invites the Jokers over because he had such a good time.

Seeing his dad like this, Barry comes up with a great idea to be able to still hang out with his friends in the future. He’ll buy season tickets for the Eagles for the rest of their lives so they’ll at least get together 8 days a year. JTP forever!

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As someone who’s never seen Highlander (honestly, I never even heard about it besides the talks I’ve had with other Goldnerds…), this was still a great episode about friendships. The Goldbergs has shown us some great friendships for both the kids (the JTP, Erica and Lainey and Adam and his nerd posse) and the parents (the Goldberg Girls and of course Murray and Bill). So focusing another episode on friendships alone was great and made for a very good episode.

I liked it that they introduced us to a new, and very unlikely friendship, between Adam and Johnny. Johnny is a great character, who already got some character development and a background story throughout the years. But we got to know him a little better in this episode and saw a different side of him when he felt bullied by Adam. Also, even though I feel a little sorry for Johnny, I’m really shipping Dave Kim and Carla now.

The other storyline, focusing on the already well-established friendships of the JTP was very solid as well. Of course Barry’s ideas to keep the JTP together after they finish high school are crazy, but you know he means it well. His final idea was a good one though and I loved seeing that the real JTP still gets together to this day. I also really enjoyed seeing Murray with his friends, even though they weren’t on screen very long.


Both storylines had some really fun scenes, like the Higlander battle and the scene where the Jokers reunite and both ended in the usual heartfelt way.

The Goldbergs returns Wednesday, February 27th, at 8/7c on ABC, followed by a new episode of Schooled.