Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E07) “The Honeypot”

As Jake help Holt search for a new assistant, Amy helps out with the team of cleaning their desk. Here’s a recap!

As Captain Holt goes through and interviews candidates as his Gina’s replacement, Jake offers his help and gives his acceptance. Later Jake finds the perfect candidate, which later after hiring him Jake feels that he’s a spy from John Kelly. In order to find out that he is a spy; they had to distract him so Jake could copy the guy’s laptop drive.

After what took so long, Jake finds nothing but it was soon that the guy would come to him and Holt and confess that he’s a spy for Kelly. Soon the three devise a plan to get Kelly. But as the plan goes in play; Holt and Jake are doubled crossed. Or did they?  Holt comes up with a backup plan called Triple Dragon and gave his demands to Kelly of what he wants or he’ll turn tapes and recordings of him. The 99 is back!!

Meanwhile, Terry notices that everyone’s desk is a bit messy; they asked for someone to help with that problem: Amy. Amy gives them orders of how to get things organized, but no one wants to throw out anything because it gives them joy. Soon Amy decides to go hardcore and gets everyone to put their non-important stuff in trash bags and set them on fire.

But when she sees Terry’s suspenders still in his desk; Amy learns the real meaning of those suspenders because they were for him when he passed the lieutenants exam that he didn’t pass. The next day, Amy puts the lieutenant’s books for Terry to study and taking the test again.

“The Honeypot” was another marvelous and hilarious episode. By the time the show ended, I wanted more and more. From the Holt and Jake’s taking down an assistant that is spying on them, which I enjoyed a lot; to Amy ship shaping the team’s messy desk.  It gave a nice moment with Amy and Terry as he opens up why he keeps his suspenders. But the cold open was a real go-getter with Holt, Rosa and Jake drinking too much coffee and Charles tries to stop them. Strong character development plus the writing and the performances were awesome too. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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