Bull (S03E16) “Forfeiture”

“Forfeiture” brings Chunk to the front, as he represents his 1st legal client.  An alleged counterfeiter of copyrighted Designer goods. Who knew?!

It all begins in a family owned barber shoppe  Meet Darius (Astro)  who is running a side biz out of the back door. Watches , clothes, designer goods. Sales are “out the door!” Literally. 

Then “knock knock”  He’s busted by the FBI.  Selling knock offs is a crime!  What?! I never knew!” Something about copyright infingement.

Chunk draws the case, although he’s not officially licensed. Through legal aide, he’s Student for the defense.

Meanwhile, back at the office, Bull,  is still trying to get Diana to respond to his call. No luck so far.  ‘Works for me.

Enter Chunk, excited about his case he’s going after the FBI for entrapment. He then gets a call from Darius. The FBI is evicting them from the Barber Shoppe. 

Bull volunteers to rep the civil case of grand pa Will (Ben Vereen) The guvment is taking control of his shop, the source of ill  gotten gains. They can do that.  This turned into a family affair straight way, didn’t it?! 

Yet Bull and TAC simply must prove, Will knew nothing of the illegal sales. Piece of cake. Right?!

Back at the office, Benny calls Chunk, arrogant and ignorant, when he does exactly what he told him Not to do, as strategy. I agreed. He doesn’t appear…teachable.  But I love Benny,  so…

They were shouting, when Bull blew the whistle.   Cute moments. A family affair

However, for the first time in a very long time,  I was disappointed.  Not in the writing, acting and all that brings a good story together, but in the motivation that brought all of this together in the 1St place. The thing itself…”entrapment ”

Am I the only person on this planet who didn’t know: 

The FBI has agents who search for the perfect pigeon to break the law?  They supply the goods!  Then arrest the pigeon, take his residential/bizness properties, (Forfeiture) before  sentencing the pigeon  to 10 years?

Oh.  And for each conviction the agents get,  promotions and…raises? ! What?! Say it ain’t so! I feel so…violated! Who is the criminal?! 

Never the less, it’s a good one to support Chunk on what we see as a maiden voyage.  He was good, yet I still prefer the dapper, get ’em ready for court guy . There was a cool about him,  missing as a lawyer.

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