This Is Us (S03E13) “Our Little Island Girl”

Last week’s episode of This Is Us was another brilliant and beautiful episode of the season. Here’s a recap!

As Beth and Zoe drove to visit to check on Beth’s mother after learning she bruised her hip at school. We see not a warming mother that we would imagine.  But we see a mother that is driven to make her daughter and niece be the best; considered that Zoe’s work isn’t what she calls potential. But when she learns that Beth was laid off from work, she starts to help her find another law firm.

Throughout the episode, we see a flashback of a young Beth going for ballet and trying to get her parents to agree to let her join a top ballet academy. While she’s

this is us recap season 3 episode 13 beth our little island girl - This Is Us (S03E13) "Our Little Island Girl"

trying her best and making a few mistakes, she sees what would be her competition. But at home, she and Zoe learn of Beth’s father diagnosed with lung cancer and things start to go from “go for your dreams” to “stop dreaming” and think about the future for which she did and goes to a college meet and greet where she bumps into Randall.

Back to the present, Beth confronts to her mother and not only tells her about why she doesn’t bring her girls to visit but that she could have been a great ballet dancer. Her mother agrees and thought that she did it for the best just like her own mother did it for her. Later as Beth comes home, she tells Randall that she knows what she wants to do next: ballet teacher.

“Out Little Island Girl” was such an amazing, beautiful and strong episode. The performance from Susan Kelchi Watson was outstanding and I would consider it to be an Emmy nomination for it. Not to mention, Phylicia Rashad’s performance was stunning.  We got to see how and why we see Beth as she is as a realist and not like Randall or her father. The episode had strong writing and character development for Beth and her mother. Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

You can catch This Is Us returns next Tuesday at 9/8c on NBC.