The Gifted (S02E16) “oMens”

It’s hard to put into words how sad I am that the season is over. It was an intense roller coaster ride that left us breathless in its final moments. We had some rough spots of course, but overall the season was A+. Every character had excellent growth, and the stakes grew with every passing week. Thus far we haven’t heard any renewal news, but the finale left things open for a continuation so we can be hopeful. Either way, let’s get to it!

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We already knew that the Frost’s were powerful, but seeing them force Lauren and Andy to use their powers was on another level. If it wasn’t for Esme I’m sure the Strucker siblings would have been killed. It’s apparent early on that she aligns more with the Underground than with the Inner Circle, and it’s impressive that she was able to hide these inclinations from her sisters. Perhaps she justified it as putting herself into Lorna’s mindset to understand her better. In the end, she joins the forces of good, which was definitely a win.

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The Mutant Underground managed to successfully thwart most of Reeva ’s plan for mass murder, but it wasn’t without great loss. Reed’s core motivation has always been to protect his family. Even when he has made questionable decisions, he’s always put them first in his own way. It was an excellent move by the writers to have him be Reeva’s downfall. His arc this season heavily revolved around control in various forms, so to have his conclusion be letting go was beautiful. Reed was a character that I wasn’t necessarily fond of in the beginning. He was biased and stubborn, but over two seasons he really blossomed. Stephen Moyer brought an abundance of charisma and love to the role that I think only he could. Should the show return for a third season I will surely miss him.