Will & Grace (S10E13) “The Real McCoy”

In the latest episode of Will & Grace, Matt Bomer is back reprising his role of the dashing McCoy Whitman. Could things be looking up for Will (Eric McCormack) in the love department? That remains to be seen. Spoilers ahead.

With Jack’s (Sean Hayes) wedding rapidly approaching, planning is in full swing. Will is the only one who is single, while everyone else seems to be attached. In a strange twist of fate, McCoy Whitman comes back into Will’s life, wanting a deeper connection. Pulling away the layers revealing an insecure man, who just wants to be loved.

willandgraces10e1314 - Will & Grace (S10E13) “The Real McCoy”
McCoy and Will, could it work? (Photo: Screenshot by Author of review)

Grace (Debra Messing) is nearing the end of her campaign for president. In a terrifying revelation, Val (Molly Shannon), could hold the key to one of the deciding votes. Luckily Karen (Megan Mullally) has her ways to convince people, using any means necessary. As long as Grace doesn’t know the particulars, it couldn’t hurt, right? If only they didn’t underestimate the true psychotic nature of Val, who throws her name in the ring, while Grace is nesting with endangered hawk eggs.

In any other series, this would seem bizarre, but it is the comedy of errors you expect from Will & Grace. They are able to balance between serious situations and things that make you laugh and shake your head. They are able to engage with current social situations while poking fun along the way. Instead of dethroning Grace’s hard work, it does quite the opposite. Grace ends up winning, now the real work begins.

willandgraces10e13145 - Will & Grace (S10E13) “The Real McCoy”
The face of a winner! (Photo: Screenshot By Author of review)

On the other side of things, Will struggles with how fast McCoy is moving. The intensity causes him to break ties with McCoy, even if the attraction is still there. Jack of all people is the one who brings them back together. He is Will’s best friend, and even if he doesn’t always show it, will always have his back. Giving much-needed advice to take things slow, it seems there is hope for everyone to find happiness after-all.

As things start falling into place for the foursome, one can’t help but wonder what calamity will come next. Comedy thrives in drama, and this show is certainly not lacking it. With the star-studded wedding coming, I am sure viewers are in for a treat.

A new episode of Will & Grace airs Thursday, February 7 on NBC at 9:30/8:30c.