Star Trek Discovery (S02E07) “Light and Shadows”

Good day to all my fellow trekkies! I’m back for a review of the latest episode of Star Trek Discovery entitled “Light and Shadows.”

The episode starts off with the current information the crew has about the Red Angel (no flashback this time). The crew is still trying to find Spock and there are no leads. Michael (Sonequa Martin-Green) is determined to go back home to Vulcan to visit her parents. Pike (Anson Mount) grants her leave and off she goes.

Meanwhile, the Dsicovery is staying in orbit above Kamindar. There are residual tachyon particles they want to investigate. It is causing a minor temporal loop. There is a source of essentially unlimited power, and when the crew attempts to launch a probe, it creates a small rift in space-time. The crew decides to examine the residue more closely in a small shuttle. Pike and Ash (Shazad Latif) are the ones who go out into the rift. Ash is not happy about this, and he and Pike argue. In the end, they get out into the rift with an air of tension between them.

star trek discovery.w700.h700 300x300 - Star Trek Discovery (S02E07) "Light and Shadows"
Michael with her mother, Amanda. Photo courtesy of Google.
home sweet home

Micheal arrives on Vulcan and goes to her childhood home. There are lots of memories and flashbacks. We see a memory of her and young Spock playing chess. Michael’s mother Amanda (Mia Kirshner) comes to greet her. She tells Micheal that Sarek (James Frain) is practicing his telepathic rituals to try and find Spock by means of telepathy. Amanda says she hasn’t seen Spock, but Micheal knows she is lying and demands the truth.

Back on Discovery, the shuttle has reached the anomaly. Pike sends them some initial readings from the rift.  Aboard the ship, there are more time loops/distortions. The shuttle is able to successfully launch the probe. It causes a massive shockwave and the shuttle is hurled into the rift. Saru (Doug Jones) proposes a recuse mission, but Tilly (Mary Wiseman) informs him of the volatile nature of the rift. They only have hours to find them before they are lost forever. Tilly then remembers that Stamets (Anthony Rapp) has tardigrade DNA and could use the network to find the missing shuttle and a rescue plan is formed.

On Vulcan, Amanda takes Michael to the caves where we finally meet Spock (Ethan Peck). He is disoriented and distracted, definitely not normal. Spock is muttering to himself and writing on the walls of the cave, seemingly unaware of their presence. He keeps writing one set of numbers. 84917. Amanda tells Michael that he came to her for help, and she was protecting him from Section 31 and his accusations of murder. Seeing how unhinged he looked, Micheal begs her mother to get him some medical treatment.

back and forth

Flipping back to Ash and Pike in the shuttle, we see the pair once again argue when Pike suggests leaving a plasma burn trail so the ship could find them. Ash wants to save fuel and refuses. Pike pulls rank and eventually Ash begrudgingly complies.

In the caves on Vulcan, Sarek confronts Amanda. She reveals that Spock had a learning disability as a child. She read him Alice in Wonderland to try and help him cope. Now Spock starts speaking in quotes from Alice in Wonderland. It is decided that Michael would take Spock to Section 31 to help him.

Back on the shuttle, something large crashes into it. It’s the probe but it had been retrofitted with future technology and was now attacking the shuttle. Things are looking pretty dire for Ash and Pike.

Micheal and Spock arrive at Section 31. Captain Leeland informs Micheal they plan to perform a procedure on Spock to get to the bottom of the murders. Micheal tries to talk to Spock, but he is still unaware of her. He keeps repeating the numbers 84917. Having the knowledge of his learning disability, Micheal realizes that the numbers are backward and it’s actually 71948.

the future, and other scary things

The Discovery has found the plasma trails left behind from the shuttle. The probe attacking the shuttle looks to be from about 500 years into the future. It starts to download the shuttle data. Stamets has figured out both where and when Pike and Ash are. He is able to transport onto the shuttle where Ash and Pike are locked in a struggle with the probe. They fight to disengage the probe before it can complete the transfer of data.

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Georgiou and Micheal face off. Photo courtesy of Google.

On Section 31, Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) tells Micheal that the procedure they plan on performing on Spock is actually a memory extractor that will most likely kill Spock. Georgiou is playing a complicated game of power. She tells Micheal to attack her and go rescue Spock. After a pretty epic battle, Micheal overpowers Georgiou.

Pike and Ash manage to get themselves free of the probe and with Stamets’ help they rig the shuttle to self-destruct and transport out just before it explodes. One of the crew members Airiam (Sara Mititch) seems to get some sort of message just before the ship explodes.

Micheal has rescued Spock and they leave Section 31.

The explosion of the shuttle causes a massive shockwave to erupt from the rift as it is destroyed. Pike and Ash reluctantly acknowledge each other’s usefulness and make amends of sorts. They now figure that the Red Angel isn’t as benevolent as they had once believed. They are now in a fight for the future.

Leeland is angry at Georgiou for letting Spock escape. Georgiou blackmails Leeland into submission by threatening to reveal that he was the one who killed Micheal’s biological parents. Micheal is able to hide from Section 31 search shuttles. She inputs the numbers that Spock keeps muttering and discovers they are co-ordinates to the planet Talos IV. She sets a course and heads off.

final thoughts

OMG, I’m SOOO happy we finally got to meet Spock in person (even if he is a little unhinged). I think Pike and Ash have an interesting relationship and I can’t wait to see it grow and develop. Section 31 is pretty brutal, and I feel like there’s going to be further animosity between them and the Discovery. With all the time loops, I was wondering if it was going to be a mind-bending episode, but they kept the time jumps to a minimum, thank goodness. Time travel episodes hurt my brain. XD. I can’t wait to see what awaits Micheal and Spock on Talos IV.

Catch a new episode of Star Trek Discovery on Thursday, march 6 on Space at 5E/8P.