Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E08) “He Said, She Said”

Last week’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was not only a powerful episode, but it was also the best episode of the season. Here’s a recap!


190222 3911899 He Said  She Said - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E08) "He Said, She Said"

When Amy and Jake take on an assault case of a man inappropriately touching a woman in a workplace; it turns into a classic case of he said, she said of what happened. But when the victim gets an offer of $2 million dollars; Amy talks her out of it and lets them pursue the case. As Amy and Jake interview their colleagues at work; it seemed that everyone was taking the guy’s side.

The case was a baffling one for Amy; as it really hit close to work for her. She told Jake of her experience of her when she was at another percent. But Amy and Jake get a tip from one of the colleagues that broke the case which led to their suspect arrested.  As the case was closed, Amy talks with the lady and learn that she was moving to start a fresh start.

“He Said, She Said” was such a powerful and well-performed episode of the season so far. The show showed that it can take a serious matter like the #MeToo movement and put their spin that made it work so well. Melissa Fumero gives her strongest and best performance of the season by far; not only should be the winner for the “performance of the week” but get a nomination at the Emmys. The character development of Amy was not only funny in the Brooklyn Nne-Nine way but overwhelming and moving. And not to mention, this episode marks the directorial debut of Stephanie Beatriz, who did a fabulous job with this episode. Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

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