Shameless (S09E13) “Lost”

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In the penultimate episode of the season, Fiona finds her footing and begins to get her life together, while Frank loses his footing and ends up in the hospital. Lip and Tammi are able to finally speak to each and understand why they’ve been so frustrated.

“The only thing you can do, is to get back up and start over.”

Fiona is on the path of recovery, and tonight’s episode has an aura of calmness to it for her character as opposed to the recklessness and chaos we’ve recently seen. Fiona goes to her AA meetings and manages to find a job at a gas station working nights. She sort of drifts around aimlessly along the way, and tells Lip that she has no idea what to do now.

But she is a Gallagher. Lip tells her she is strong and I believe in his faith in her, after all she’s been the rock for the Gallagher family since she was 15. She’s been through a rough patch, and in true Fiona style, she will come back from it and grow to be even stronger.


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After Fiona finally took Lip’s advice and sought help, this episode is the first in a while where he isn’t seething anger at her. Tammi’s father shows up at the house, asking Lip what his plans are now that Tammi has decided to keep the baby – news which is unknown to Lip. This isn’t true however, as Tammi still hasn’t made a decision, leaving Lip as confused about what she’s feeling and what she’ll decide to do.

Lip has no plan of course, as Tammi made it very clear to him in last week’s episode that he isn’t allowed to have a plan. It is only after Lip yells at her and tries to storm off that she realizes how much having a say in this decision means to him, and that he really does care about her and this child.

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I’m glad she can finally see this, as it allows her to open up to Lip about why she has been struggling with everything. Tammi may have inherited a breast-cancer gene from her mother and having a child could either decrease her chances of getting cancer, or increases them, depending on the type of gene. Lip and Tammi haven’t had the most open, honest communication since she announced her pregnancy. Now that they both see where each other’s frustrations are coming from, I do hope the couple will be able to move forward for the best and make a decision together.


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“Only two things will be left roaming the earth after the next apocalypse – cockroaches… and Frank Gallagher.”

The episode starts with a bang for Frank – a literal bang. Frank is rudely awakened by a demolishing crew who is bringing down Fiona’s old apartment building. He gets severely injured but brushes it off instead of heading to hospital. The Gallagher’s find him at home, out on the sidewalk and bleeding profusely from the very severe bone fracture. Frank however, still protests against going to the hospital.

The Gallagher’s call him an ambulance and Fiona kindly decides to go with him to the ER. Much to my surprise, Frank does not use his injury as an opportunity to make money by suing the people responsible for demolishing a building with him still in it. Instead, he spends the episode crying for drugs, but his reputation precedes him at the hospital as not a single doctor will give him any.

Luckily for Frank, the doctor informs him that the severity of his injury earns him a trip to the OR, where he’ll get plenty of drugs. Frank gets out of his surgery, looking at 3-6 months of recovery, but the Doctors kick him out that night, saying that after the apocalypse, the only two things left roaming the earth will be cockroaches… and Frank Gallagher. I have to chuckle at this; after all, isn’t Frank our favorite homeless cockroach?

Carl and Debbie – Heartbreak hotel

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Carl and Debs bond out on the porch.

Following from last week’s episode, Debbie and Kelly are becoming closer friends while Carl hurts over Kelly breaking up with him. This is really quite insensitive on Debs’ behalf, to rub it in Carl’s face so soon after his break-up. Debs later explains that she feels like no one loves her – and I get it girl, you haven’t had the best of relationships, but maybe take a step back to let Carl deal.

Carl, already cut up about Kelly, receives mail that he hasn’t made it past the first stages for West Point. After spending so much time getting his life together, this really comes as a kick in the gut and I really do feel sorry for Carl. He’s character arc has been one of my favorites throughout the show, especially because he’s always been the “most likely to become a sociopath” Gallagher. Carl then chose to go to Juvi and decided to be a gangster. It was great to see him turn his life around, set himself on a good path when he went to military school. To now see everything he worked so hard for be rejected leaves a big question mark next to his name.

At work, a robber walks in and Carl’s “Are you kidding me? Is this guy for real?” expression mirrors my exact one. This guy has clearly never seen an episode of Shameless and has no idea who he messing with. Carl tells the robber to pull the trigger on his pink .32, yelling about how his life couldn’t get any worse. The robber takes a shot and Carl explodes, unloading all of his anger on beating this robber up.

Later, Carl arrives home to see Kelly and Debs sleeping on the couch together. Kelly snuggles up to Debs and Debs kisses her. Kelly freaks out, saying she is not gay and realizing that she’s been unintentionally leading Debs on. Both hurting about Kelly rejecting them, Carl and Debs talk things out on the porch and eventually make up. This reminds me a lot of Carl’s “you can only trust family” line when Ian left for prison. Carl is always there for his siblings, comforting Debs even when he is upset, and he’s come a very long way since being the little boy who electrocuted dolls and microwaved fish. He’s grown into a formidable young man, and West Point is definitely missing out by rejecting him.


“It took them two days to realize I was gone.”

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It has been a few episodes since we’ve seen Liam around, and I was beginning to wonder what has happened to the least problem-filled Gallagher. Liam’s been living at his friend’s house, happy and enjoying it. He ignores the messages from his family, who only notice his absence around the house two days after he’s been gone. Throughout the episode, his whereabouts worry the family, but only absent-mindedly as they each deal with their own troubles.

Although this is only a small point in tonight’s episode, I think it gives us pretty good idea of how the family hasn’t been around for Liam lately. His decision to ignore their calls can be understandable given that he feels like an afterthought to any of them, but they are family – the only thing they have is each other, and a simple text would set everyone at ease.

Jesus Kev

Remember Kev and V’s twin girls, Amy and Jemma? Or rather, their one child name Amy? Well the cat is finally out of the bag – or the Jemma is finally out of the cubby. The twins’ teachers finally discover that there are two girls, who have both been attending the school as one person and propose that instead of turning over Kev and V to the police if they can’t cough up the money they owe, Kev must play Jesus in the school play. The only problem? He has to carry a very large, heavy cross that is almost unliftable. Never mind the standard Jesus attire – loincloth and a wig.

The episode ends with Fiona in tears – joyful tears. Max, her old business associate, shows up at the gas station and tells her that the nursing home project is moving forward and he wishes to buy her out – of the 100 000 dollars she has invested in it! This comes as a total lucky break, a deus ex machina – or should I say deus ex Max-ina? Okay, pun aside, we finally have an idea how Emmy Rossum will exit the show. Max’s offer gives Fiona endless opportunities for a new beginning and I’m very hopeful and excited that she will head out on a positive note.

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