Black Lightning(S02E14) “The Book of Secrets: Chapter Four: Original Sin”

Alright, guys and gals. We saw another great episode. It looks like we’ve have had quite a lot of great episodes this season, which makes you know how good a season is. We had quite a lot explained, but also we have questions after tonight’s episode. This season has been the second best, I mean, the first season will always be the best. Let’s get to this review!

angels and demons

Okay. So in this episode, we had Lala (William Catlett) make a visit to Jefferson (Cress Williams) to try to find out who killed his best friend back when the two of them were kids. It was quite interesting seeing in this episode the craziness that Lala has to go through, with the voices of Will (Dabier) and Lawanda (Tracey Bonner) having continuous arguments on what Lala should do. With those two spirits locked to his soul, it’s like having a little devil and little angel on Lala’s shoulders. Seriously, one of them is telling him to kill Jefferson and then one is saying not to kill Jefferson. The only problem is Lala has a void in his memory and can’t remember who killed his best friend all those years ago. Thinking it might’ve been Jefferson, he makes a visit to him to find out the truth.

Here’s the sad truth

When Jefferson told Lala what his best friend should do after having business with the gang known as The 100, Jefferson began thinking it’s his fault that the child died all those years ago. The more Lala remembers -by what happens when he gets angry enough- the more he starts to remember how he took care of his best friend. How he protected his best friend from all the madness that Tobias (Marvin Jones III) forced a lot of the kids to do. That’s the problem; when Tobias asks you to do something you have to do it. So Lala told Jefferson how he killed his best friend and comes to the realization he has to kill Tobias. Well, good luck there Lala.

So many people have tried killing Tobias and haven’t succeeded, so good luck to the resurrecting man, the man who can not stay dead. Since Tobias helped give Lala the powers to always come back after dying, does this mean he can take back the power and force Lala to die a horrible death? The only way to find out is by continuing to watch this crazy and yet awesome show unfold more of the story!

the tail of grace

As for Grace (Chantal Thuy), we see that she’s been staying in her foster brother’s apartment. What happened to Grace’s actual foster brother? How is she able to morph into the guy? I know it’s a part of her powers that she can morph apparently into anyone. Like I said before in an earlier review, there’s not much to go on about Grace’s powers in the comics, so it’s interesting to see her powers unfold in the series. But when Anissa/Thunder (Nafessa Williams comes to investigate finds Grace, she loses control of the powers and attacks Anissa. I guess you can say that this is their first unofficial relationship fight if that makes sense. I could’ve sworn that  Grace (disguised as her foster brother) ran out that window, I could’ve sworn that I saw a tail on him when he leaped out that window to escape. Did Grace have a tail in the comics? I don’t remember. Man, I really need to read those comics again. But was that a tail that I saw on Grace in this episode? Did anyone else catch that? I swear if I’m the only one who caught that quick image then I really need to get more sleep.

dealing with the d-bag

As for Lynn (Christine Adams) I feel really bad for her. She has to deal with Agent “Douche” Odell (Bill Duke). I mean, that guy is a real big douche, the way he described that poor kid Wendy as a weapon instead of a human being. I understand that Odell is more of a business and agency man who is devoted and in love with his work than his own life. He clearly has stalking tendencies by being way too attached to the Peirce family. I mean, literally bugging the house. Those are definitely some stalking tendencies in mind here. But how long do we think it will take Lynn to figure out that Odell bugged the house? I’m thinking it will be the season finale, which is two episodes away. All I know is when she does find out, there will be hell to pay!

Will we get more of Grace’s story fledged out in Season Finale or Season 3? We will find out soon I guess!

Next Episode: Black Lightning(S02E15) “The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter One: The Alpha” airs Monday, March 11, 2019, at 9/8c on The CW