Fam (S01E08) “Jojo returns”

Hi guys! Welcome to my review of the newest episode of Fam entitled “Jojo returns”.

First of all, I must say that this girl over here thought that Jojo was Jolene, Shannon’s mother. I completely forgot about Shannon’s ex-boyfriend until this episode.

So the major plot points this episode were: Clem being hit on by some guys, including Jojo, and Nick inviting his boss to his wedding in order to get a bigger office.

So about the first plot, since there’s exactly where the episode starts. Clem is convinced that a lot of men have been hitting on her, which Nick and Shannon deny. When Jojo comes back to Shannon’s life as her boyfriend, he hits on Clem. Clem struggles to prove it. After endless tries to prove it, Clem finds out that Shannon broke up with him, because she believed in her, because Clem is always right, and everyone is always hitting on her.

Moving out to the second plot. After the death of one of the oldest professors of the university where Nick works, he tries to get his office, like everyone else who works with him. However, and as Nicks says, not everyone can invite his boss to a wedding. So Nick invites him and his wife to Nick and Clem’s wedding, which makes Nick’s mother go crazy. After a first denial of the invitation due to personal reasons by his boss, Nick invites his boss and all of his relatives that are coming in the wedding’s weekend, which leads us to the funniest scenes with Nick’s mother.

Overall a good episode, not as funny as the two previous ones however it still managed to make us laugh.

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Hope you liked

Love, Jo (@living4series)