Before You Go Halfway There (An Indie Comic)

Alright guys and gals, I have to say this sequel to the three volume issue of this indie comic has been amazing chapter to the story. It’s definitely becoming a story with a ton of potential but we will talk about everything in the review so lets get started.

So in this volume we see that Robin is feeling a little unsure about what’s going on with her now girlfriend Sadie. After all it’s been months since they did that kiss in the rain and Robin has felt that everything has been going great. But has it really? As it turned out that Sadie has been trying to do everything herself by figuring out how she is going to afford music school while doing not one but two jobs in order to try to save up enough to go to school and have enough for her apartment as well. Will Sadie come clean to Robin, thats for all of you to find out!

I have to admit reading this comic but in a manga style is definitely what draws me into this series, yes it’s supporting the LGBTQ genre but it’s doing it in an interesting way and plus it’s nice having a comic that is willing to be a part of that topic. Not many indie comics are willing to do topics like this but other than that I think we all can agree that we’ve been were Sadie is especially when it comes to thinking how you are going to pay for college. I know I almost had to be this way when I was going to college but at least I did have help from family and from other agencies who were willing to help me out. But a lot of people indeed do have similar problems to what Sadie had in this and I think that’s what makes Sadie and Robin both relate-able characters. But yeah it’s an interesting topic to put into a genre like this and to see how the problem is solved which is what makes this such an amazing story. It’s how the problem is solved and it’s how it is written that makes it a quick read but also a really good read!

As for the creator of the comic or I should say manga; Denise Schroeder, definitely knows how to write manga style comics really well and like how I said in my last review I’m impressed by her and her style of the comics. She definitely does have a way of writing some good stories and definitely knows how to get the readers attention, her manga style is definitely what I would say 90’s early 2000’s kind of style of anime/manga in how she draws the characters but it’s such a beautiful time back then for animes we didn’t have to worry about sexualized female characters, okay maybe a little bit we did but for most part we didn’t not like how it is now with big boobies left and right. But I like Denise’s style it’s a really good style and I think after I’ve read all her issues of this story I think I might see about some of her other stories, she definitely does write and illustrate wonderful art for the stories. My only message to Denise is keep doing an amazing job!

I will be reviewing her last issue/volume of Before You Go soon, but for now I will leave you with a thought, read these manga styled comics and tell me that it doesn’t feel like it could be made into a anime short film. I feel like it could be especially if it’s done by the right artists and animators, it would be nice to see some of these stories be turned into anime’s but it’s something that is completely up to the author too.

Next Issue: Before You Go Now and Then (An Indie Comic) will be reviewed soon!