Good Girls (S02E01) ” I’d Rather Be Crafting”

The long-awaited season premiere of NBC’s Good Girls finally arrived with a bang…literally.  So much happened in this episode from start to finish. If you are not caught up be prepared for SPOLIERS!

The episode kicked off with Beth (Christina Hendricks) getting ready to clean up the blood-soaked rug. You read that last part right…someone’s blood was all over the dining room décor. Fortunately, it wasn’t Rio’s (Manny Montana), but, it was the other man in Beth’s life…Dean (Matthew Lillard). Long story short, Rio gave Beth a gun to shoot Dean, however, she tried shooting Rio instead.  Clearly, that didn’t go over well. Just when we thought Rio carried a submissive like trait…BANG!  While caressing Beth’s face, he grabbed the gun, turned around and  shot Dean in the chest.

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Good Girls; Manny Montana, Christina Hendricks

At the hospital, Ruby and Annie sat with Beth awaiting an update on Dean’s condition.  Beth believed Dean was dead until the doctor came out and gave unexpected news; Dean was going to be fine! Reality hit and Beth realized she didn’t kill Dean, but he was going to kill her.

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Good Girls: Retta, Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman

Meanwhile, back at the grocery store, Leslie (David Hornsby) decided to play detective. He found a pen cap that Beth threw on the floor.  Guess what? The pen cap had lipstick on it and possible DNA.  Leslie wasted no time in taking the potential incriminating evidence to Agent Turner (James Lesure).

While Agent turner was at Beth’s goading her into a admission and given up a DNA sample, Stan (Reno Wilson) was at home guilting Ruby (Retta) into confessing to the police.  Stan tells Ruby that the police acquired new evidence that can incriminate the ladies, so she needs to go to the police and negotiate a deal.

Oh the pressures of potential prison life!

Ruby, Beth and Annie (Mae Whitman) met to discuss the newly acquired information.   Annie of all people, questioned  Beth on using her mouth to remove the pen cap. Who would have thought that Annie of all people would be the voice of reason? Ha! These ladies shade each other in the most loving ways. Lets also keep in mind that Ruby never discloses to the ladies that Stan wants her to confess to the police.

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Good Girls; Mae Whitman, Christina Hendricks, Jetta source: Justin Lubin/NBC | 2018 NBCUniversal Media, LLC

Ruby leaves and goes to the police station with the intention of confessing, but, comes up with a plan to get the pen cap out of evidence. Could she have been swayed by the generous gifts Beth and Annie gave her for Sara (Lidya Jewett).  It puts into perspective that these women are not just friends, but her family.

Back at headquarters (Beth’s house), Ruby tells the women about a courier service she spots transferring the evidence from the station to the lab. They could grab the pen cap once the courier stops.  Beth questions if the evidence is still at the police station.  Ruby then tells her that the evidence is not transferred until DNA is collected.  So basically, once Beth gives up her DNA sample, the evidence (pen cap) will then be transferred to the lab for analysis.  Did I forget to mention that these women watch CSI and SVU?  Since SVU has been on the longest, they decided to emulate their process. Our good girls are proving to be plot planning savants.

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Good Girls: Mae Whitman
Justin Lubin/NBC | 2018 NBCUniversal Media, LLC

With the plan in motion, our good girls start following the courier service, tracking the drivers’ daily routine. One hiccup; Annie.  We all have them days that our pen doesn’t work and we have to use lipstick instead…not really, but maybe? By the way, Beth finally gives her DNA sample, so let the games begin.

Let’s discuss Annie’s personal situation…with her ex, Gregg (Zach Gilford).  Since reconnecting, Greg decides to tell Annie that he wants to leave Nancy.  Is it me or is Gregg always running from something? Here we go getting Annie’s hopes up only to eventually let her down.  In the middle of their tryst, Sadie (Isaiah Stannard) comes home. Immediately Gregg and Annie fake an argument.  Sadie questions why they were in the bedroom with the door closed. Puzzled by the response Sadie leaves.

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Good Girls: Zach Gilford, Mae Whitman

Stan’s disappointment with Ruby does not go unnoticed.  Ruby comes home to find Stan washing dishes.  He engages her in a Q & A, to which, Ruby admitted to going to the police station, but, couldn’t confess. Stan tries hard to make Ruby understand what she is up against. No such luck Stan.  Ruby is a team player and not a snitch.

Best defense line from Ruby: “We used toy guns.”

The day has come to steal the evidence.  The ladies follow the courier service to Starbucks after the evidence pickup.  Ruby goes into Starbucks to stall the driver, while Beth and Annie break into the courier van. Ruby should win an award for her stall tactics—priceless.   As the line continued to grow with Ruby at the helm, Beth and Annie finally break into the van.  They are overwhelmed by all the evidence collected trying to figure out which one was the pen cap.   They searched and searched only to find the van filled with rape kits. Clearly our good girls have moral compass. They understood what tampering with the rape kits would mean.  By the way, Ruby basically bought out the entire Starbucks, along with Red Velvet Frappuccino.  I mean she was stalling for what felt like eternity.

Stan proved his loyalty to Ruby and their family by surprising her with the pen cap.  Stan is the man that had another plan.  We don’t know (yet) how he did it, but, he is now a coconspirator.

Beth invited Agent Turner over to convince him to leave everything alone.  Their conversation became heated with Beth asking him to leave.  Beth in so many words, told Turner that he messed up the case she gave him.  If it wasn’t for her, he would have never had Rio in his purview.  Turner then met with Leslie letting him know he was going to take the ladies down.

Dean finally came home and Beth realized she had a lot of work to do. Should we really feel sorry for Dean?

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Good Girls: Matthew Lillard

Sadie brings so much joy to Annie.  After picking Sadie up from Gregg’s house, Sadie was eager to tell Annie about the family gossip.  Gregg and Nancy are pregnant.  Yes, you heard that correct. I should also mention that Gregg and Nancy have been trying for sometime to have a baby.  So much for Gregg wanting to leave Nancy.  I’m not sure on how this is going to affect Annie during the season. We already know Annie makes hasty decisions.

Leslie makes his way to our extortionist Mary Pat (Allison Tolman).  Leslie uses scare tactics to coax Mary Pat into believing she can go to jail for her crimes.  Mary Pat pleads with Leslie to help her stay out of jail and not tell the feds about her involvement.  He then proposes to Mary Pat to save them both (mostly him) from having to testify against each other.

Lastly, the episode ends with our good girls in the park with the kids.  Beth, spots a car and insists on leaving, but Rio in all his glory puts the kibosh on that.  Rio shares intel with the good girls about Leslie aka Boomer being in cahoots with the feds.  For Rio this is a problem that the women need to deal with. Rio’s son runs over to where the group was seated.  The ladies were just as confused as I was. Rio surprised us all with his son attending an impromptu meeting. There has to be something said about Rio commingling these two worlds; family and business.  Could he be teaching them a discreet lesson?

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