The Enemy Within (S01E02) – “Black Bear”


The episode begins at a train station in Ashland, Virginia. We see shots of many people making their way onto the train. Everyone gets on and the train ride begins. Once moving, an operative goes up to another passenger and asks for his laptop and IVS password. He refuses and 2 cops come over to see what’s happening. The operative gets into a fight with these 2 cops while the passenger moves to another cart. The operative takes the 2 cops down and goes after him. The passenger goes to the conductor for help, but the conductor helps the operative instead. The operative kills a civilian,  gets the laptop, password and kills the passenger.

TEW S01E02 TRAIN 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E02) - "Black Bear"
“…Laptop and IVS password”

Back at FBI HQ, Keaton (Morris Chestnut) talks to Zain (Raza Jaffrey) and Ryan (Kelli Garner) before going to speak to Shepherd (Jennifer Carpenter). Keaton mentions the killing of the former CIA operative, Dean Merryman (Ken Arnold), she says its Tal. She doesn’t know anything about the attack. Shepherd questions Keaton’s methods – not questioning Nemec (Pawel Szadja) or Cruz. Keaton asks for help. Shepherd says she won’t help, she won’t cooperate, not until her daughter is safe. Either her daughter is put under protection or they can send her back to prison. Keaton agrees. But only if you help me catch Tal, Shepherd replies “Keep my daughter safe and I’ll help you kill him.”

TEW S01E02 SAFE 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E02) - "Black Bear"
“Keep my daughter safe, and I’ll help you kill him”

With CIA Junior Analyst Cruz (Coral Pena) out of hospital, protocol dictates a CIA rep be present when questioning her. So, the CIA send Deputy Director Anthony Cabrera (James Carpinello). Cabrera comes through the ‘front door’ and almost immediately starts pushing his weight around. Questioning why Shepherd is in DC, why the FBI is working with her, rehashing what she’s done, the operative’s that were killed. Cabrera demands to see her. Before having some choice words with Shepherd about him knowing the real her, he tells Cruz it’s time to go. Now Cruz is worried. Her role was to be a mole, ‘The Enemy Within’, and report to Tal about this. Cruz convinces Cabrera to let her stay. Back in the conference room, Ryan explains to the team how Nemec was communicating with Tal and other operatives. Using a mesh network. She explains the logistics about this and with some input from Shepherd, they see that communications have gone up 200%. Tal is only just getting started. Zain is interrogating Nemec but is getting nowhere. Which is why Shepherd believes that this interrogation by Zain won’t work. But, Zain believes he will get through and so does Keaton.

TEW S01E02 INTERROGATION 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E02) - "Black Bear"
Zain believes he’ll get through to Nemec, Shepherd doesn’t

Ryan talks to Keaton about no cameras on the train but at the station where it originated, and that they’re going to go through that. But Shepherd says that they’re wasting their time. Shepherd says to not looking into the operative that was on the train, that it’s not her job to look into the victims or the killings, but into why Merryman was killed. Keaton tells Ryan to continue nevertheless. Shepherd tells Keaton about Merryman’s stash house in Baltimore and that she must come with. They prep the FBI prisoner transport and go to Baltimore. Once there they get the manager to open the locker. Looking through a cluttered room, Shepherd asks Keaton to see her daughter and Keaton says he’ll look into it. Bragg (Noah Mills) finds out that Merriman works for IVS Analytics and could be the reason why he was killed. With intel from Zain, Ryan ID’ed the 3rd Tal operative. Moments before the image came through, Cruz warned him. Him being the storage facility manager. He opens fire on Keaton, but Shepherd pulls him to safety. They go after him but he falls to his death. During the shootout, Shepherd tore two pages from Merriman’s book with references to her. When Keaton got back, Shepherd was holding a gun, loaded. Tense moments passed before she turns the weapon, handle facing Keaton, extends her hand forward and says one “Hannah.”

TEW S01E02 HANNAH 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E02) - "Black Bear"

Convincing him Keaton allows Shepherd to see Hannah. Hannah comes in and Keaton explains the logistics around it. When they see each other for the first time they were both nervous, but it was expected. This is the first time in 3 years that Shepherd got to see her daughter, something which was somewhat of a dream when she was in prison. Everything was great smiles all around, but things started to slip. Shepherd forgot Hannah is 3 years older than before and Hannah started to ask probing questions. “How was prison?” , “Why did you come and see me at school?” , until things went quiet. Then Hannah asked “Why did you do it” and that changed the atmosphere completely.  Hannah pleads and pleads before just leaving. Leaving Shepherd emotionally hurt.

TEW S01E02 SHEPHERD AND HANNAH 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E02) - "Black Bear"
What felt like a dream, soon turned into a nightmare

Back in the conference room, the team identifies a code name ‘Black Bear’. Shepherd tells them that it’s not Tal but a person with the initials BB. As they start looking into the personnel at IVS, Cruz tells Tal and his men roll out. Cruz continues to sink every lead the FBI goes after. But no one suspects a thing. Tal also has Cruz do his dirty work for him. As soon as a guard left the room, she looped the feed and went to go and see Nemec. After confirming that he told the FBI nothing, she quickly killed him and made it look like a suicide. Cruz is successfully operating as a mole within the FBI.

TEW S01E02 MOLE 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E02) - "Black Bear"
She is ‘The Enemy Within’

Back at IVS. As soon as Beverly Brooks (Kara Jackson) got off the phone with the FBI Tal’s men showed up. They killed two IVS employees at the front desk before shooting at Beverly. The FBI rolled up and were warned about reports that shots were fired at IVS. After taking out the operative in the lobby they moved to the basement and a shootout began. Keaton went after Brooks while Zain and Bragg got into a shootout with the 3 operatives. Keaton got to Brooks but she wouldn’t leave until she downloaded Merriman’s files on Tal. But they were too late. Before the download could finish, one of Tal’s operatives dropped a grenade and destroyed all of the servers. After the explosion, Keaton killed the remaining operative. Back at HQ, Brooks talked about how no one but Merriman knew what was on the files. She did mention something Merriman had her research – Sierra Maestra, a mountain range in Cuba. Keaton mentioned this to Shepherd but she knew nothing about this. She again gave him a piece of advice, that he shouldn’t trust her or anyone when it comes to Tal.

TEW S01E02 TRUST 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E02) - "Black Bear"
You shouldn’t trust me, you shouldn’t trust anyone when it comes to Tal

Episode 2 was good. The Enemy Within is promising. A good storyline, good characters. The chemistry between the main characters is great, you see growth between them. There’s room to grow but also to fall. I’m not going to judge it already. Season 1 is scheduled to have 11 episodes, around 6 episodes I’ll critique it completely. Catch The Enemy Within again the 11th of March with episode 3, titled The Ambassador’s Wife. Catch the preview for episode 3 below. Enjoy!