The Flash(S05E15) “King Shark vs Gorilla Grodd”

Alright guys and gals we had the greatest 3D CGI battle in the history of television happen in tonight’s episode of The Flash! But seriously I still have that question looming in my head that I will get to in a little bit, but first lets get to this review!

So in this episode its exactly as it says in the episode title, it’s the battle of the beasts, the battle of the century, the battle we will never ever get in the history of the series! We had King Shark (David Hayter) vs Gorilla Grodd (David Sobolov) I have been looking forward to this episode for quite a while. I always had a feeling they would try doing something like this especially since Arrow vs The Flash was such a huge success way back in the day. But during the big hype for the episode we also had a story, apparently Barry/The Flash (Grant Gustin), Cisco (Carlos Valdes), and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) all wanted to give King Shark a chance to accept a cure that they have developed so that he would be able to be human again. Which he knew would’ve made his beloved Dr. Tanya Lamden (Zibby Allen) very happy, but before he could agree there was a disturbance in the air.

While the team was trying to figure out what went wrong when nothing went wrong, it was all Grodd, but here’s a question that I don’t think the writers even remember about. So back in Season 3 we traveled to Gorilla City on Earth-2 and Grodd was there and brought an attack to Earth-1 with his Gorilla City army, but at the end of that two part episode it was revealed that the King of Gorilla City took Grodd with him to be imprisoned and slaved in Gorilla City on Earth-2. So now that we reminisced tell me how in the hell did he escape? He would need someone with Cisco’s abilities and as far as I know no one on Earth-2 has those powers anymore so how did Grodd escape and get into Argus’s custody? They didn’t have a Grodd episode after that so what happened for a whole year and how did he get into Argus custody? Whoever wrote the episode must’ve forgotten about these details because it’s a huge continuity error in my opinion. We needed to see in this episode how Grodd got back to Earth-1 in order for the episode to make sense and reveal how Argus got him. Is no one else wondering about this?

As for the fight scene, it was a phenomenal piece of work, given that Gorilla Grodd and King Shark are expensive to do it wouldn’t surprise me if they chose to not do anymore story with King Shark and Gorilla Grodd for the remaining of the season. After all these 3D models and animations are literally the most expensive pieces of work that The CW has been willing to do and putting both of them in the same episode that is a ballsy move in hopes that the ratings would get raised to a new level, and I’m sure they have succeeded I mean it’s an amazing episode with a phenomenal end!

Now do we think that Cicada (Chris Klein) will actually be willing to take the cure? We’ll find out next week!

Next Episode: The Flash (S05E16) “Failure is an Orphan” airs Tuesday March 12, 2019 at 8/7c on The CW