RHONY (S11E01) “Divided, They Summer”

 RHONY,  is back in all its glory. 

We catch up with the women who are dealing with different levels of drama.  Of course LuAnn and Bethenny, dealing with respective relapses and the loss of her boyfriend, are still reeling with those painful subjects.

What I love about RHONY is that unlike other franchises, this one doesn’t sugarcoat anything.

We catch up with Dorinda and she talks about all her grievances with LuAnn:  basically, how she thinks she’s been there for her but LuAnn hasn’t shown any gratitude for her efforts.  Sound familiar?  The fact that this was her good friend, whom she defended for two years, to allow herself to be persuaded by Carole last year that Lu wasn’t thankful enough is sad.

Bethenny talks about loosing Dennis, her on again, off again boyfriend over the holidays to suicide.  Still reeling, she’s understandably upset and trying to figure out how to deal with her emotions.  As we all know, she doesn’t handle emotions well.  Hearing her talk about him made my heart break for her.  She and her friends talked about friends they’ve lost to suicide, and the conversation was so heartbreaking to watch.

We finally see Sonja’s new apartment. 

Talk about a 180!  Its so sleek and modern compared to her old townhouse and I love it.  She’s really turned her whole life around, getting rid of the dead weight holding her back from the lawsuit to the town house, and it shows.  Ramona shows up, and as always, hilarity ensues between the two of them, which we needed after hearing about Dennis.

We then head out to the Hamptons to LuAnne’s house, and we’re introduced to the new housewife Barbara.  She and Bethenny and Lu have lunch and discuss what’s been going on with Lu and her kids and her relapse.

This is why I love RHONY so much:  they don’t hide their dirty laundry, unlike other franchises.  They acknowledge it, talk about it, fight over it, and move on to the next thing.  By them talking about it, it’s not as big a deal.  At least imo.  What do you think?

Tinsley gets a car as a gift from an ever absent Scott, and she and Sonja drive it out to the Hamptons.  Those two on a road trip is a RHONY spinoff I never knew I needed.

Ramona finally gets her hair wet willingly, (drop a comment if you know what I’m talking about) and she finally learns, saying the boat ride from hell finally made her realize how vulnerable she was.  Then, Ramona being Ramona, hit on him the whole lesson.

Lu, Bethenny, and Barbara have lunch at B house and Dorinda and Ramona have lunch as well, very reminiscent of the dueling Labor Day brunches of season 3.  Ramona and Dorinda gossip about Lu, and her fall from grace, saying some really mean spirited things about Lu’s rehab and her relapse.  Most people who go through sobriety aren’t successful the first time around.  That’s just a fact.  The fact that Dorinda and Ramona took glee in talking about this as a way to prove they’ve been right is reprehensible.

Dorinda talks the whole time about how Lu wasn’t appreciative enough again for all the things she’s done.  Remember the Nutcracker?  We all know that if you don’t kiss Dorinda’s ass on tv and throw her a parade, she’ll ride that the whole season.  I guarantee we’ll still be hearing about this the whole season.

So what did you think of the episode?  What was the best part?  What are you looking forward to this season?  One of the highlights for me is always the Berkshires weekend.  Let me know in the comments and be sure to tune into next weeks episode of #RHONY at 9pm on Bravo.