Riverdale (S03E14) “Chapter Forty Nine – Fire Walk With Me”

Hi, Riverdale fans! I’m here to review the latest episode entitled ‘Fire Walk With Me’.

we’re all orphans

After a brief recap of the latest goings-on, we see that Alice (Madchen Amick) is putting the house up for sale. Betty (Lili Reinhart) doesn’t like it and thwarts her mother’s attempts at every turn. Archie (Kj Apa) is at the boxing gym, and the manager says he needs to start ‘paying his dues’.

At school, there has been chaos and confusion which has led to fighting amongst the various gangs. Both Jughead (Cole Sprouse) and Toni (Vanessa Morgan) get called in to see Principal Weatherbee (Peter Bryant). He warns them if there’s any more trouble they will basically be kicked out. He also informs them that someone robbed the chem lab the night before. Both Jughead and Toni deny having anything to do with it.

At La Bonne Nuit, Veronica (Camilla Mendes) is stressed out about owing both Hiram (Mark Consuelos) and Gladys (Gina Gershon) so much money. She talks to Reggie (Ross Butler) and proposes Casino night in an effort to drum up more cash.

Archie is closing up the boxing gym. Josie (Ashleigh Murray) comes in. They hear noises and soon discover a young boy who had been squatting in a cupboard. Archie takes him to Pops. The boy’s name is Ricky. He had come from a shelter called Santa Lucia. He ran away when some older boys branded him. It was a mark identical top Archie’s. Sacrifice.

why can’t we be friends?

Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) and Toni are at odds with The Pretty Poisons. It’s causing tension between them. At school, Archie tells the gang about Ricky. Kevin (Casey Cott) walks by with Evelyn Evernever (Zo De Grand Maison) and barely gives the gang a passing glance. Betty confronts Kevin at his locker. He becomes very hostile towards her. Later, at a Serpent meeting, Jughead finds out that Kurtz (Johnathan Whitesell) was the one who stole the chemicals from the chem lab. Jughead is furious and tries to threaten the new Serpents, but they’re not having it. Tensions arise.

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Reggie and Veronica with Gladys. Photo courtesy of Google.

Casino night looms ahead at La Bonne Nuit and Veronica and Reggie are prepared. Jughead, worried about the Serpents, goes to FP (Skeet Ulrich) for advice. He tells Jughead to sit tight for now. When Archie goes to Pops to see Ricky, he finds out that the boy had run away. He left behind a picture that he had drawn of The Gargoyle King.

At school, Betty is finishing up at the school paper, and she happens to spy on a ‘private farm meeting’. She sees the farm recruits putting their hands over Bunsen burners. At La Bonne Nuit, Veronica ends up brokering a deal with both her father and Gladys in an effort to lower her debts.  Betty seeks out Josie and tells her what she had seen earlier with the farm recruits. Josie is horrified and says that Kevin had been sneaking out for the last week. It looks like things are getting serious for Kevin and The Farm.

the list

Archie talks to Jughead and the Serpents about Ricky. Jughead rallies the troops to go look for the boy. Meanwhile, Gladys performs at La Bonne Nuit. Hiram is sitting near the front with his VIP guest, who starts heckling Gladys. She pulls a knife and Veronica is forced to kick them out. That evening, Betty finds Kevin in the midst of a farm ritual. He has to literally walk through fire. Betty tries to stop him but is unsuccessful. Jughead takes Archie to ‘Gargoyle Ground Zero’ where he first found Kurtz and the others. There they find Ricky and a list of names of those who died playing G&G.

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The list of names. Photo courtesy of Google.

Back at the school, Betty is in the school paper office, writing an article. Kevin and Evelyn come to see her. She tells them that she is going to publish an article about the farm and how they encourage kids to self-harm. Evelyn blackmails Betty by threatening to reveal all her dirty secrets since her mother had spilled them to the farm. They are at a stalemate for now. Archie tells Ricky that he cares about him and wants to help him. Things at school escalate when Kurtz is caught trying to kill Fangs (Drew Ray Tanner) by hanging him upside down from the second floor and dropping him. Jughead and his gang manage to break his fall.

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Kurtz and his buddy hanging Fangs upside down and Jughead is not having it. Photo courtesy of Google.
just go away already

At La Bonne Nuit, Gladys and Hiram are being difficult, to say the least, but Veronica has a plan. Jughead talks to his father about what happened with Fangs. Together they form a plan to bring about the next chapter in The Serpents. Toni meets Veronica at Pops. She offers the Pretty Poisons a job as security detail for La Bonne Nuit. Toni accepts. Betty’s mother finally found a buyer for the house, much to Betty’s dismay. At the next Serpent meeting, Jughead and FP reveal the plan for the Serpents to become deputies and work under FP. Kurtz ends up leaving the gang.

that’s some crappy luck

Archie and Ricky are at home, playing video games. Archie gets a call. He finds out that Ricky is actually Ricardo DeSantos. Joaquin’s younger brother. Apparently, he has a history of self-harm and violence. Archie discovers Ricky is no longer in the living room and looks for him. Ricky confronts Archie with a knife. He tells Archie that he had branded himself. Ricky was in league with the gargoyles. He stabs Archie with the knife and runs off. Later as Fred (Luke Perry) tends to Archie’s wounds, they discover that Ricky had the Quest Card that Warden Norton had issued back when Archie was in prison.

At Pops, Hiram and Gladys try to get into the Casino but are barred by The Pretty Poisons. It looks like Veronica has the upper hand for now. The Serpents start cleaning out The Gargoyle’s lair to eventually use as a new headquarters. Archie doesn’t know what to do next. Jughead and Betty offer to help him figure things out. Betty seems like she is in a good mood. The last shot we see is Alice coming home to a burning house.

final thoughts

Well, that was a crazy episode! The nuances between Veronica and her father are really interesting to watch. Veronica has really learned the fine art of subtlety.

Did anyone else cry a bit seeing Luke Perry near the end of the episode? RIP Luke Perry. We will miss you. I was really hoping that Ricky was just a lost kid and that Archie would be like a big brother to him. It was really sad to see Archie betrayed like that. I mean, this guy has gone through hell and back and he’s still getting screwed over one way or another. Ugh.

I thought that Gladys’s singing left something to be desired. She could have been better. I was half hoping she’d be amazing, but meh. Is anyone else really curious to see how much more Betty gets involved with the Farm? I want to really see the meat of the cult. It’s going to be something to look forward to in future episodes. Who thinks Cheryl and Toni are on the verge of breaking up? That would totally suck, but Cheryl kinda has it coming. She needs to learn to stop manipulating people for her own gain.

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