This Is Us (S03E14) “The Graduates”

This week’s episode of This Is Us had moments of joyous occasion to heartbreaking moments, but there was a WTF moment that really upset me and it’s not what you would think. Here’s a recap!

It’s Kate’s graduation and everyone is looking to give her a celebration from Toby to even Rebecca. But on her happy occasion, she worries about someone, Kevin, who tries to hide his drinking once again. After Kevin “left to meet with a director,” Kate went to see him. More to come later. 

During the episode, we see flashback the day of the big three’s graduations. We see Rebecca shopping for a good camcorder for the kids’ graduation and bumps into an old friend that asked her out for coffee. Too soon dude! Too soon! As soon as she gets to Randall’s graduation, Rebecca has a panic attack. Miguel offers advice that she needs to talk about it with a grief group and after dropping Kevin and Randall at the party and being alone at home, she calls Miguel to help her drive to the grief group.

As Kevin and Randall looking forward to graduation; Kate wasn’t because it’s she thinks people will judge her. After skipping graduation, Kate watches family videos and decides to go to the party that Kevin and Randall and they discuss how this could be the last time they see each other but really we know it’s not.

Meanwhile, in the present, we see Randall and Beth trying to make things work with Beth’s new job. Later Randall gets a call from Dejia and drivers over there; till he sees her walking down the street halfway from the school, she tells him the reason why she was so upset. Her teacher had assigned an essay and she posted on the online school paper without her permission.

As Randall talked to her, he learned that Deja could easily go to high school next year. But Deja doesn’t want to; as  she’s finally comfortable where she is at and wants to go at her own pace, which I think we could all understand after seeing what she’s gone through.

As Beth comes home, Randall tells her the news about Deja. But also had a solution to their problem: Beth should take a break while he works. WTF! I know that he didn’t just say that! I literally had to rewind that twice. But before they could talk, Randall gets a call from Rebecca about Kate.

As Kate helps Kevin; we see flashbacks to the moments of how Kevin has always been there for her and that it’s time for her to be there for him. She drives him to a meeting but by the time they almost get there; Kate goes into labor and things take a real overwhelming moment. As the doctor stops Kate’s labor for now; Kevin comes in to comfort her again, and soon Randall pops in as well as they are all together like they say they would on that graduation night.

“The Graduates” was a good episode from start to finish. I just loved the story between Kate and Kevin as it was one of those that you can see how close they were as kids to now. But also I just loved how the tables turn between each other for helping one another. Also, Rebecca’s story was as ever so strong, but overwhelming with heartbreak to joy as she still struggles but seeks help thanks to Miguel. As much as Randall upset me in this episode with Beth. He had good moments from standing up for Deja about her essay being shared to understanding her on moving to high school. But that ending scene with the big three was a tearful moment. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Kate and Toby will lose their baby? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

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