Will & Grace (S10E14) “Supreme Courtship”

Love is in the air, or at least it should be in this Valentine’s Day-themed episode of Will & Grace. Spoilers Ahead.

All you need is love?

Noah (David Schwimmer), just so happens to be a writer of some steamy fiction, under the guise of an inconspicuous pen name. Karen (Megan Mullally) happens to be his number one fan and is devastated when he reveals that he is ending the series, and killing off her favourite character. She will stop at nothing, including holding his laptop hostage. While they grapple with a perilous situation, Grace (Debra Messing) is dealing with her own troubles.

In a hurry to get a gift for Noah, Grace knocks down Ruth Bader Ginsburg (voiced by Alice Hirson). In her haste, she flees the scene, but must own up to her actions before news of her transgressions reaches prying eyes, and ears. She doesn’t need to be making any new enemies. In a twist of dumb luck, Grace gets forgiveness without having to face any consequences. Another bullet dodged, and even if Noah isn’t into romance, she still wants to make a gesture of how much she cares for him.

willandgraces10e1412 - Will & Grace (S10E14) “Supreme Courtship”
Will, making an “effort”. (Photo: Google)

Jack (Sean Hayes) cannot help but meddle, especially when it comes to Will (Eric McCormack) and Estefan’s ( Brian Jordan Alvarez) “relationship”. He is desperate to make them friends.  Instead of letting things progress naturally, he must do things his way, which is rarely the right way. Asking Will to be nicer to Estefan and make an effort, throws him an unexpected curveball. Either he confesses to lying, or play into the other option, that Will is acting out of sorts due to his secret crush Estefan. The latter is chosen of course, which adds unnecessary (but amusing) drama.

While his heart is often in the right place, Jack’s actions get him into trouble more often than not. Will has no problem playing Jack’s game, pretending that he has feelings for Estefan, but when he takes it a step too far, Jack must come clean and confess his transgressions. He just wants to make sure his two favourite men get along, especially with the impending nuptials. It’s a learning curve for all of them, but they will get there, eventually.

willandgraces10e141 - Will & Grace (S10E14) “Supreme Courtship”
Noah and Grace. The right fit. (Photo: Google)

Karen, in all her brilliant glory, has convinced Noah to keep her favourite character alive. In her own twisted way, she is able to work out how he really feels, and why he feels the need to hide from a life of happiness. Love is supposed to be messy and complicated, it’s supposed to be embarrassing and scary. That’s the way things are, and there is nothing wrong with putting yourself out there. It brings Noah full circle, back to Grace. This is exactly what they need, it’s finally the right time and the right person. Sometimes Karen seems to be the wisest of them all.

Things seem to be looking up, let’s hope this trend continues.

A new episode of Will & Grace airs Thursday, March 14 on NBC at 9:30/8:30c