Superstore (S04E10) “Cloud 9 Academy”

Superstore is back and it’s like they have never left that made us laugh and feel. Here’s a recap!!

As Amy and Cheyenne take a Cloud 9 management class at the Cloud 9 Academy; Amy isn’t quite okay with working with Cheyenne as they had to come up with ideas to help their store that some were good and some of them not. But when they had to role play and Amy talk to Cheyenne about her absence; things went improv and getting everyone in the class to participate. In the end, after getting their certificates. Amy apologizes to Cheyenne on how she behaved towards and they celebrate by going to the bar with the group.

Meanwhile, when Glenn asked Garrett and Dina to watch his baby because he wants to babyproof his office; they try to refuse but Garrett takes on the task. When Dian sees that Garrett placed the baby in the shopping cart, she takes her out and all here broke loose when the baby wouldn’t stop crying. Soon, Dina would create a place for the baby that would end up being a daycare for her and Garrett to watch all the kids. When Glenn’s baby gets hungry, Dina breastfeeds her but when Glenn returns and picked up his baby, it appears that Dina has fed the wrong baby.

Also, Mateo decides to file sanctionary because of his immigration status; but Jonah gets him to create a protest group that ended up going against the President of Venezuela. Protesting and getting the news crew to cover it, Marcus tells the reporter that Mateo is coming for the President of Venezuela.

And as I mentioned before, Glenn left Garrett and Dina to babysit his baby to babyproof his office. Well, let’s just say that mission complete but instead, he not only babyproof his office but Glenn-proof it as well. Trying to get out, he calls for help, sends a note through the door that would only go across the hall to another room. But he finally got out, The Shining-style, and gets to his baby.

“Cloud 9 Academy” was amazingly hilarious! The episode had four amazing stories that had such strong character development and moments that I couldn’t forget. From Dina and comforting Glenn’s baby to Amy and Cheyenne learning from each other; to even Mateo learning the ways of protesting. But it was Glenn’s story that was probably the best; that it was totally hilarious without feeling too bad for the character. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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You can catch Superstore Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC.