Fam (S01E09) “Ocean View”

Hi there!

Welcome to my weekly review of “Fam”.

“Ocean View” starts with Nick telling Clem he is going to take her to a night off, leaving Shannon alone, as Nick’s parents convinced them to do.

Shannon like any other girl her age decided to throw a party that will get out of her control.

Meanwhile, in the hotel Nick and Clem find Nick’s ex with her current boyfriend, wich leads to Clem finding out a lot about Nick’s previous relationship.

Including the fact that the place where Nick, Clem and Shannon live used to be Nick’s and his ex house, that of course leaded to a fight between the couple and a return to their home sooner.

In the end of episode, the couple has moved on of their problems and Shannon learned that she really want Nick and Clem to trust her.

Sorry for a short review, I just wanted to give you a general view, since I have a lot going on right now. Anyways… hoping for a renewal already. What about you?

Love, Jo (@living4series)