Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E09) “The Golden Child”

As one is jealous to reunite with her brother, another is jealous for not getting the undercover role. Here’s a recap!

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Amy and Jake have dinner with Amy’s mother and her perfect brother, David. But Amy doesn’t want to go but Jake tries to hype her name with her mother that doesn’t even work. Later on Jake and Amy saw David get arrested for drug possession; after picking him up he tells them that someone had set him up because of his investigation of dirty cops connecting with the Brazil mob.

While going undercover and dance battle; they found the office and found evidence, but as soon as they bail, Jake gets caught. As Amy and David wait outside, they shoot out the tires on the getaway car and arrested the guys. In the end, David acknowledges Amy’s jealousy and even Jake tries to stick up for his wife to her mother by telling her all the great things she’s great at instead of David.

Meanwhile, Charles asked Holt and Terry for help to get a suspect to talk by role-playing. But they had to audition for the role;  for which Holt won the role and Terry is upset that he didn’t get it. As Holt begins the mission, Terry finally gets in but fails multiple times until he and Holt blew their covers. It was Rosa that really had won the role as she got the suspect to talk.

“The Golden Child” was an A+ of an episode! The relationship and chemistry between Amy and David were outstanding and the character development was strong. I couldn’t get enough of the dance-off scene with the arms and elbows. Also, the Charles, Holt, Rosa and Terry story was as equally hilarious to Amy’s story. The performances from the cast and even Lin-Manual Miranda was outstanding and should get a nomination for a guest star at the Emmys. Overall, I give this episode a 10/10.

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