Cheat premieres


Dr. Leah Dale, a promising academic who’s long prided herself on her integrity, rigor and following the rules. Her father previously taught at the same university and she’s up for a coveted, permanent teaching position. Before anything even happens, we know she has a lot to play for. Not to mention that she’s trying for a baby with her partner.

Rose Vaughan, a distant yet curious young woman who gives off the impression that she doesn’t really care about the whole university thing. She turns up late, has a reputation for not engaging with the lessons and it’s likely she’s not often challenged because her wealthy father donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to renovate a building on campus.

The turning point is when Rose hands in her dissertation. Leah is suspicious that the essay is far too good to be Rose’s own work, while Rose, of course, says that she wrote it. At the very last minute, just before the grades are sent out, Leah decides to fail her, which Rose takes as a personal attack and quickly schemes how to get her own back.

The four-part series explores the damaging relationship between a university professor and a student after an accusation of plagiarism turns into a tale of seemingly brutal vengeance.

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