S.W.A.T. (S02E17) – “Jack”


With a building on previous episode events, “Jack” is the episode where Hondo (Shemar Moore) does everything in his power to save Darryl (Deshae Frost) and prevent him from being his dad and the title ‘Jack’ hints at the carjacking which is to take place throughout the episode.

The episode begins with a quick, planned carjacking. And not just any car, a brand new Aston Martin. A two-man team, well-organized and well-equipped. Within seconds the GPS is disabled and they’re off. We soon learn that this was just 1 of many luxurious carjackings occurring around LA at the same time. A new team is pushing hard to make a name. Hondo has Street (Alex Russell) check-in with a guy he met undercover, Whip (Dylan Arnold), for any intel on this new crew.

SWAT S02E17 ASTON MARTIN 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E17) - "Jack"
A sophisticated simultaneous attack of carjackings has the team searching for answers

In other news, Deacon (Jay Harrington) is pushing hard to get reinstated on the team. But Captain Cortez (Stephanie Sigman) is adamant on him serving the full 9 weeks. But this isn’t going over well with the loan. After much pleading, the guy granted him a second extension not before asking for a favour – to check out an illegal gambling scene close to his mother’s house. Deacon makes sure he knows this is the last time this happens.

SWAT S02E17 DEACON CORTEZ 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E17) - "Jack"
Deacon is pushing to return to pay off the loan, but Captain Cortez wants him to wait 7 more weeks

Hondo visits Darryl in the prison infirmary. Darryl has been attacked before, but this time was different. He was stabbed twice to the abdomen, also severing vital organs. Hondo talks to Darryl and tells him that this doesn’t have to be his life. Darryl agrees to let Hondo help him. Hondo meets with Darryl’s mother and convinces her to sign the custody papers to allow him to come home.

SWAT S02E17 HONDO DARRYL MIM 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E17) - "Jack"
Hondo wants Darryl’s mom to sign custody papers to allow him to be released from prison and prevent him from becoming his father

Back on the case. Whip gives them the names of 3 guys, apart from him, who could hack into the satellite to prevent the car from being tracked. Tan (David Lim) and Chris (Lina Esco) go and check out a dealership and find one of the guys there, Diesel Hayes. Of course, he tries to run, but Chris stops him. And discover intel on an imminent carjacking at Woodlands Country Club. Hondo, Luca (Kenny Johnson), Mumford (Peter Onorati) and Rocker (Lou Ferrigno Jr) show up and get into a firefight with the 2 carjackers getting away in a Lamborghini Urus. During the exchange of bullets, Mumford takes a round to the helmet. Rocker stays with him to make sure he’s okay and Hondo and Luca are in pursuit. They get within a foot of the Urus and deploy a mechanism which attaches to the back tires and stops it from moving. The car stops and the suspects try to flee but Hondo and Luca apprehend them. After handing them over to the LAPD, Luca sees something at the back tire. Reaching in and feeling around he pulls out a bag of Heroin with a tag on it. As it turns out, all of the cars had heroin stashed inside in. But checking through shipping records, there is still one more car out there.

SWAT S02E17 VOLCANO 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E17) - "Jack"
A new way of transporting drugs – inside luxury vehicles

Chatting to a Narcotics Detective, Galvin, he tells Deacon all about this new product – Volcano. Albert Tasca, a known mobster, started making noise about a new product he was going to push. But soon after was executed – mafia style. Tasca used to be part of Lorenzo Bettiga’s Crime Syndicate. But when he found out Tosca stole his heroin and started pushing it as his own, they killed him. Chris and Tan went to the docks to find out more about the imported vehicles they found out that someone is hacking into the satellite to find the final vehicle. Street went to check on Whip and realised they Bettiga has him. After another chat with Diesel, he tells them that they’re looking for the Ferrari 458. But that he can’t find it. The car was made to be untraceable, off the grid, probably owned by an ex-con on parole to hide his assets. Only a genius hacker could a car like this, a car without a GPS transponder. And this is why the mob has Whip, Bettiga wants his product back.

SWAT S02E17 WHIP 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E17) - "Jack"
Whip leaves Street a clue on his location

Looking into all ex-con’s living in houses over $1 million in value and with one or more cars over $100k in value, they see a home detention monitor that’s been tripped. And Street instantly knows this is a message from Whip and this is where he is. This turns out to be the residence of Puck Marlow, he’s home and not alone, 6 guys with healthy rap-sheets are there too. Hondo and Mumford’s team both roll out and arrive on the scene. Moments after they see gunfire between Bettiga’s and Marlow’s men. They split up and breach the house at separate points of entry, each on their own mission. The Mumford-led team go after the Ferrari and Whip, while Hondo-led team go after Bettiga. They take out Bettiga’s men, rescue Whip and apprehended Bettiga who went after the Ferrari. Everything went off well.

SWAT S02E17 STREET WHIP 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E17) - "Jack"
After successfully rescuing Whip and taking down Bettiga, we see the friendship between Whip and Street grow

Street ended up staying over with Whip until his brother came, further showing the friendship they have. Deacon makes good on his promise and tells Galvin about a tip he got from a CI, about a drug distro house in Holland Avenue. And we see a long journey come to an end. Mumford asks for a moment and informs Cortez and Hicks (Patrick St Esprit) that he will be retiring. They both tried to change his mind, but Mumford has made up his mind. It’s time to him to hang it up. He does mention Deacon for replacing him, which leads us to think this is where Deacon could be going to next. Deacon has thought to be the next S.W.A.T. Team Leader and this might be his chance.

SWAT S02E17 MUMFORD 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E17) - "Jack"
Mumford decides that it’s time to hang it up

Back with Darryl, Hondo takes him to his mom’s place to find another guy living there. This guy who was completely against having him stay there, so Hondo decided to take Darryl and come back another time. Walking away we see tears running a marathon down Darryl’s face, tears because his own mother doesn’t want him. So Hondo decides to take him in. We see Hondo, Charice and Darryl at Hondo’s place. Hondo talks to his mom about what’s going to happen now with foster care and such and asks her if she will help him look after her. And of course, she agrees. Darryl asks Hondo why he and his dad are living such different lives and he looks to his mom and says you’re looking at her. It just goes to show the power a parent, a mother, has on the future on their children.

SWAT S02E17 FAMILY 300x169 - S.W.A.T. (S02E17) - "Jack"
Hondo, his mom and Darryl – a picture of a family

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