Arrow (S07E15) “Training Day”

Alright guys and gals we had a great episode brought to us and I also want to apologize for getting this review in a bit late, I had some important issues that delayed me like not being able to watch the episode on time cause I was out of town. But we got a bit to talk about so lets get to the review!

So with this episode we saw Team Arrow getting prepared to work with Star City’s finest, but will this new partnership work? I mean we see that Oliver/Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) is all game at first for doing things by the book, in fact he seemed way too zen about the whole thing at first. It wasn’t until Mayor Pollard (Laara Sadiq) took away what made Team Arrow themselves as individual heroes like their special weapons, gadgets, and tech; now I’ve talked about how I really hate Mayor Pollard but this is just another reason to make me hate the woman. Her character is just so evil, I understand that she’s trying to do what is right for the city but eliminating vigilante’s, eliminating all kinds of special help and only relying on the police force is not the way. I mean if that’s what Star City really needed, then Arrow would’ve been done after Season 3.But as we can see it’s obvious that some people need to be open minded to the idea about vigilantes and police working together by the law and it seems like maybe she will eventually become open minded but for the time being I think all the fans of the show can agree we kinda hate her guts right now.

I think though all of our hearts went out to Dinah/Black Canary (Juliana Harkavy) with this episode especially when we saw how Dinah can’t use her canary cry anymore. Even though we all have to agree with Rene/Wild Dog (Rick Gonzalez) that it was never her cry that made her the Black Canary but it was her heart to be able to always help people when they needed help is what made Dinah always a good person. But you could see that it still affects her and I think it always will, but we see in the future flash forward scenes that she does learn to adapt to not having her canary cry anymore and use her other skills. Much like how we saw her do in this episode but we all felt bad for Dinah and even if she hangs up her Black Canary suit, we will still come to love the character no matter what.

We finally got word from Turner/Bronze Tiger (Jai White) that Diaz/The Dragon (Kirk Acevedo) is indeed dead, so I guess when we saw him get set on fire to be the next prison BBQ that he indeed died which is a horrible way to go being burned alive but at least we all know now that it was done and he indeed died. I personally wouldn’t of written him off the show, I would’ve chosen to have it as him surviving being burned alive and that he was put into a coma with severe burns and that he’s hanging in there or even keep him alive as a severe burned man and make him one of those burned slaves of the Inferno group but I guess that wouldn’t of worked since Dante was the one who sent Emiko (Sea Shimooka) in to burn Diaz alive. I mean we all know it was Dante, because before Emiko did that act, Dante told Emiko that she is able to come home and I’m sure if she comes home she has to do assassinations again.

But now we see that Emiko already knows about Earth-2 Laurel/Black Siren (Katie Cassidy Rodgers) so how far up does the Inferno or Dante or whoever are the secret society in the shadows go with information? How would they have known about Laurel being a supervillain from another earth? And if it turns out that the Inferno is really behind all of the things happening right now, does this mean that Moira is not dead? After all in the Rebirth comics that just ended for Green Arrow revealed that Moira Queen has always been alive and it shocked Oliver to know his mother was still alive, but will it play out like that in the series since we only have 1 season left, it would be a nice way to bring more of the old cast back for next season but we will find out soon enough.

And we finally found out how Mia (Kate McNamara) got her name, it was thanks to Oliver to shorten Moira down to make a name which is really interesting because in the comics, Mia was Oliver’s half sister, but in the series we have Mia being Williams (Ben Lewis) half sister which is really interesting. I wonder if they are going to make Mia as the new Speedy, because she does have a speedy right hook for punching. But the question remains what became so horrible in the city to make Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) have to keep Mia and William separated for 20 years. Something horrible had to of happened because it wasn’t just Felicity’s decision it was Oliver’s as well so something bad had to of happened that caused this. And I think we might get some answers next week!

Next Episode: Arrow (S07E16) “Star City 2040” airs Monday March 18, 2019 at 8/7c on The CW