The Flash (S05E16) “Failure is an Orphan”

Alright guys and gals we had a great episode brought to us tonight and it was a really good one! We had a weekly villain which we will talk about in this review, will Cicada take the meta-human cure? Joe and Cecile work together again, and who will be the new threat that Thawne mentioned to Nora when she went back to the future? We have a few thoughts but first lets get to this review!

So in this episode, we had Nora/XS (Jessica Parker Kennedy) visit Thawne (Tom Cavanagh) in the future about the time that Barry and Cicada (Chris Klein) last encounter however it seems to be fighting the moment with another interference in the timeline, so what made the timeline change? If it wasn’t anything that Nora did wrong or did to the timeline then how did the moment change with something else? Thawne said to Nora that it could be the reason of someone or something that could pose as a new threat but would it be worse than Cicada? Only time will tell, but from what it looks like in future episodes it looks like there might be a newer threat coming way but who? We will get to that in a little bit in the review.

So tonight’s weekly villain named Philip Master/ Acid Master (John Gillich) I feel like was teased in this episode only to have the bigger story play out but that’s okay though at least we had him on screen time. So just like how the villain’s name says his powers are indeed acid. An acid that he can spray out of his hands when powered up enough, and like always our weekly villain does indeed have a comic book past but his comic book past is actually way, way, way back when DC Comics was still Action Comics. Acid Master in the comics became a huge menace in the comics counterpart of him and was even on the FBI’s radar but they could never get him caught, so the government called in Superman for help to get Clark Kent as a decoy and Superman swoop down and defeat him to have him then live out a life sentence in prison. However that was back in simpler times for Action Comics comic books and ever since then he was never seen again in the comics except for Crisis on Infinite Earths comic but after that never seen again so what happens to him in the comics? Will we get Acid Master back to the crossover since it’s going to be the next biggest crossover to have happen.

We also saw that Barry/The Flash (Grant Gustin)  tries convincing Cicada to take the cure but the problem is not a lot of people care about what happens to them or their legacy. I mean most do care, but the thing about Dwyer/Cicada is that he doesn’t care about his life; he is even willing to sacrifice himself after he is done with his mission so it’s clear that he doesn’t care at all about what happens to himself. But when Barry does fail the first time he talks it over with Joe (Jesse L. Martin) who gives him the best Joe West wisdom ever. I have to admit, I’ve really missed this, with the Joe West wisdom to come into a scene somewhere or somehow but mostly from Joe himself. I mean most of the episodes of the season he was gone because of the actor’s medical leave but thankfully we can get more of those scenes of Joe’s wisdom come into affect and lets hope the actor doesn’t hurt his back anymore times.

Now that Dwyer/Cicada has taken the cure and it seems that it might’ve worked, and somehow we have Grace as an Adult Grace (Sarah Carter) which how did that happen? Last time we saw Grace which was earlier in the season and on many episodes she’s always been a little girl, but now she’s a full on adult so is this Grace’s future self that somehow found a way to get to the past by maybe with the help of a speedster not seen yet? Maybe, it’s very possible that this is how Godspeed will come into play with being on episode 18 in a couple of weeks directed by Danielle Panabaker to also add for episode 18. But it still doesn’t answer the question which possible threat did Thawne really mean by? Is the new possible threat Grace, waking up from her coma as an adult and went back to her uncle’s house to get a spare Cicada suit? Or is this a future version of Grace who takes up the mantle of Cicada which I totally called in an earlier review on the episodes. Or was the new possible threat a mention to Godspeed towards the timeline trying to give Thawne a hint that a new speedster is coming to make a bigger splash than Cicada? I guess we will find out soon. But I think it’s safe to say that Dr. Ambres (Lossen Chambers) will no longer have a part to play in this season, maybe with Grace killing Ambres, it’s kind of like Grace saying “thanks for all your help but your services are no longer required”

I’m looking forward with the next episodes and I’m looking forward to episode 18 in a couple of weeks from now so until next time my readers.

Next Episode: The Flash (S05E17) “Time Bomb” airs Tuesday March 19, 2019 at 8/7c on The CW