This Is Us (S03E15) “The Waiting Room”

Waiting is the hardest thing to do! Tuesday’s episode made it the definition as the Pearson family were waiting for any news of Kate and the baby. Tension rises, admission admitted, and emotions go all over the place in this week’s episode of This Is Us. Here’s a recap!

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“The Waiting Room” was an intense emotional drive episode that really depicts the reality of what it’s like to be waiting when you worried about someone; but also have so much on your mind. Waiting to see if Kate will be okay and the baby would make to full term; we learn from the doctor that things are looking good and that it’s just a waiting game.

As the episode progress, we see Kevin worried; but also the discussion of his drinking that later Zoe tells Beth that he’s still drinking. Randall and Beth’s working hour situation that even got Rebecca and Miguel involved thinking that they could help them, but they have other plans. They do work things out.

Miguel tries to relive the tension with a game Ranch or Chocolate that some of the foods which seemed fun; but got annoying along the way. Even Madison comes and brought donuts and even talked to Miguel about how Kate planned to have a doll of Ruth Bader Ginsburg in front of him so he can have a strong female figure.

But during Randall and Kevin’s argument, Rebecca, who has been quiet, hasn’t eaten and not moved from her seat, finally spoken out and talks about what she went through with Jack before he died; but tells them that they are here for Kate and the baby and everything else needs to check out the door.

Soon Kevin gets word that Kate is in emergency c-section, but soon Toby comes out and tells everyone that he’s here and very small, but alive. The baby is in the NICU and as we see the episode close; Kate grabs Toby’s hand and talks to her father to introduce their little guy, Jack. And asked to help their baby to make it through.

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This Is Us
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This was a very special episode with one clue being that the intro music wasn’t playing. This could be one of the strongest bottle episodes in a long time; the performance from Mandy Moore but Chrissy Metz and Chris Sullivan were amazing with high emotions and strong character development. I would really consider for Moore, Metz, and Sullivan to enter them in this episode at the Emmys. Overall, I give this episode a 10/10.

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